The Language Teacher - Issue 34.4; July 2010

Volume: 34
Issue No. 4
Date of publication: July 2010
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JALT2010 Pre-Conference Special Issue

Plenary Speaker Articles

  • Five things you always wanted to know about Generation Y (but were too afraid to ask) - by Nicky Hockly
  • The art and artistry of language teaching - by Alan Maley
  • Creating languaging agencing - by Tim Murphey
  • Challenges in teaching English as a foreign language to young learners - by Marianne Nikolov

Featured Speaker Articles

  • From Palestine to the classroom: language educators and social action - by Anna Baltzer
  • The art of error analysis - by David Barker
  • Designing a themed task-based syllabus - by Marcos Benevides
  • Using interactive technology in the classroom: a simple start - by Nancy Douglas
  • Suggestopedia: creativity in language teaching and beyond - by Kaz Hagiwara
  • Speaking strategies: dealing with the unpredictable - by Leslie Anne Hendra
  • Discourse analysis and ethnic identity outside the box - by Laurel Kamada
  • Metaphor, gesture and second language acquisition - by Jeannette Littlemore
  • What exactly is grammar? - by Michael Swan


The Language Teacher

JALT2010 Pre-Conference Special Issue: Plenary Speaker Articles
by Nicky Hockly, Alan Maley, Tim Murphey, and Marianne Nikolov

JALT2010 Pre-Conference Special Issue: Featured Speaker Articles
by David Barker, Anna Baltzer, Marcos Benevides, Nancy Douglas, Kaz Hagiwara, Leslie Anne Hendra, Laurel Kamada, Jeannette Littlemore, Michael Swan

Feature Article: Peer assessment for speeches as an aid to teacher grading
by Rieko Okuda and Rika Otsu

Reader's Forum: Critical self-reflection: A performative act 批判的自己内省 ―パフォーマティヴな実践―
by Misako Tajima

Reader's Forum: An interview with Deborah Cameron
by Blake E. Hayes

Book Reviews

Stimulating Conversations
by Robin Russ, Kansai University

What’s on Japan 3
by Patrick Gorham, Kagoshima University

Chapter Reports

Chapter Reports - July 2010

Career Development Corner

Resume Tips
by James McCrostie

My Share

Using the Silent Way as an alternative approach to pre-reading/listening tasks
by David Allen, University of Tokyo

Learning and teaching English through The Family Circus
by Grace Chin-Wen Chien, University of Washington

Big questions: A speaking practice exercise
by Deryn Verity, Osaka Jogakuin College

An active approach to taking attendance
by Mark Koprowski, Meiji University and Musashino University


The unseen face of JALT—Part 1
by Cynthia Keith, National Vice President

JALT and our international partner associations: Meeting challenges together
by Richmond Stroupe, JALT International Affairs Committee, Chair

Teachers Helping Teachers actively promoting language teacher education
by Peter John Wanner, Graduate School of Cultural Studies, Tohoku University

SIG Focus

SIG News - July 2010

TLT Wired

Work flexibly and collaborate with Google Documents
by Mark D. Sheehan, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

Grassroots Outreach

Why Study Business English in Japan?
by Chen Xu

Old Grammarians

State of the Prefecture Series, No. 22: Yamahama Prefecture
by Scott Gardner

Showcase & Member's Profile

Showcase: Jerry Miller
by Jerry Miller

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