Feature Article: Peer assessment for speeches as an aid to teacher grading

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Rieko Okuda and Rika Otsu


In this study, we examined the level of agreement between teacher assessment and peer assessment during a speech presentation in an EFL context. A total of 88 students assessed speeches delivered by their peers. After four practice rounds of evaluating each other in small groups, a final assessment, including teacher assessment was conducted on speeches delivered to the whole class. Before each assessment, specifics on how to conduct the evaluations were explained by an instructor through visual demonstrations. A strong correlation (r = .82) was found between teacher marking and peer marking which indicates the viability of incorporating peer assessment into students’ final scores when proper guidance is provided. A questionnaire administered after the final speech revealed that most of the students had found peer assessment useful.

本研究では、学生によるスピーチについての教員評価(TA)とピア評価(PA)の一致の度合いを調べた。被験者88人は、小グループ内でスピーチとPAを4回実施した後、クラス全員の前でスピーチを行った。この最終スピーチではTAとPAを同時に実施した。評価基準については、教員が実演を交えて項目ごとに説明し、それをPA実施のたびに繰り返した。その結果、TAとPAの間には高い相関(r = .82)が得られ、最終評価へのPA組み入れが可能であることが示唆された。またPA実施後のアンケート調査の結果から、多くの学生がピア評価活動を「有益である」と評価しているのが分かった。