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When The Language Teacher and JALT Journal arrive in your letter box, you probably give little thought to how they are produced and by whom. Here is a list of some of the people who do all this work so efficiently and quietly.

To contact any of our staff, please use the contact form on the JALT Publications Contact Page. For reasons of privacy and spam protection, no email addresses are listed on this site. They can, however, be found in any issue of TLT or JALT Journal.

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Emika Abe
TLT Japanese-Language Proofreader / Translator
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Web Development
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Steven Asquith
My Share Editor
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Ryan Barnes
TLT Copyeditor / Proofreader
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Casey Bean
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
paul_beaufait's picture
Paul Beaufait
Writer’s Workshop Editor
Brian Birdsell's picture
Brian Birdsell
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
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Stephen CASE
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
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Stephen CASE
Book Reviews Coeditor
antonia_cavcic's picture
Antonia Cavcic
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
d_cooke's picture
David Cooke
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
JeremyEades's picture
Jeremy Eades
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
Chris Edelman's picture
Chris Edelman
TLT Proofreader
peter_ferguson's picture
Peter Ferguson
Edo Forsythe's picture
Edo Forsythe
TLT Wired Column Editor
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Mitchell Fryer
Past Showcase Editor
S.Fukuda's picture
Steve Fukuda
Recently Received Ed. / Publisher's Ln.
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Nicole Gallagher
My Share Coeditor
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Scott Gardner
TLT Old Grammarians Editor
Bryan Gerrard's picture
Bryan Gerard
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
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Caroline Handley
TLT Assistant Editor
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Marian Hara
Young Learners Coeditor
PhilipHead's picture
Philip Head
TLT co-editor
Decha Hongthong's picture
Decha Hongthong
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
daniel_hougham's picture
Daniel Hougham
TLT copyeditor/proofreader
zoe_kenny's picture
Zoe Kenny
TLT Proofreader
rob_kerrigan's picture
Robert Kerrigan
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
Julia Kimura's picture
Julia Kimura
Recently Received
LorraineKipling's picture
Lorraine Kipling
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
J_Laurier's picture
Joël Laurier
SIG Focus Co-Editor
andrew_leichsenring's picture
Andrew Leichsenring
TLT Copy Editor
l_macgregor's picture
Laura MacGregor
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
Tom_Mahler's picture
Tom Mahler
Past Chapter Reports Editor
sumotodave's picture
David Marsh
Past TLT Coeditor
Gerry McLellan's picture
Gerry McLellan
TLT Co-Editor
D_McMurray's picture
David McMurray
Teaching Assistance Editor
colin_mitchell's picture
Colin Mitchell
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
m_miyao's picture
Mariko Miyao
TLT Japanese-Language Proofreader/Translator
c_moore's picture
Charles Moore
TLT Writers' Workshop Coeditor
Robert Morel's picture
Robert Morel
SIG Focus Co-Editor
Mari_Nakamura's picture
Mari Nakamura
Young Learners Editor
nakayasu_m's picture
Masatoshi Nakayasu
TLT Japanese-Language Proofreader / Translator
James Nobis's picture
James Nobis
Co-editor of TLT Interviews
noudomi_junko's picture
Junko Noudomi
TLT Japanese-Language Proofreader / Translator
simon_park's picture
Simon Park
TLT Copyeditor/Proofreader
gareth_price's picture
Gareth Price
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
John Roberts's picture
John Roberts
TLT Advisor
K_Sako's picture
Kazuko Sako
TLT Japanese-Lang. Assoc. Editor
eric_sm's picture
Eric Shepherd Martin
TLT Copyeditor/Proofreader
Torrin Shimono's picture
Torrin Shimono
TLT Interviews Column Co-Editor
neilstead's picture
Neil Stead
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
t_sugino's picture
Toshiko Sugino
Japanese Language Editor
webadmin's picture
Malcolm Swanson
Web admin, TLT JALT News
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Robert Taferner
TLT Book Reviews Editor
talandisjr's picture
Jerry Talandis Jr.
Pubs Board Chair, reviewer
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Kevin Thomas
TLT Proofreader / Copy Editor
ueda_mami's picture
Mami Ueda
TLT Japanese-Language Proofreader / Translator
v_williams's picture
Vikki Williams
Writers’ Workshop Coeditor