Staff Recruiting

Information on volunteer staff positions for JALT Publications will be listed here when as openings arise.

JALT Publications Website Editor

The JALT Publications Board invites applications for the position of Website Editor. Responsibilities include:

  • Uploading recent issues of TLT and JJ to the main JALT site
  • Uploading issues of TLT, JJ, and the Postconference Publication to this website
  • Ongoing conversion of old material to this site's database
  • Maintaining and updating the site's Drupal installation
  • Maintaining and updating the site's Open Journal System installation
  • Overseeing the site's email and mailing list functions, including spam protection
  • Overseeing file uploads by publications staff
  • Liaising with editorial staff of all publications and responding to issues
  • Uploading and overseeing "Job Position" advertisements
  • Liaising with the JALT web editor and JALT Central Office
  • Overseeing the JALT Publications' Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Overseeing the Google AdSense account
  • Attending the annual meeting of the JALT Publications Board

If you are interested, please contact the Publications Board Chair at <>. For further information, please contact the current Web Admin at the same URL.

Postconference Publication Editor-in-Chief

The JALT Publications Board invites applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief for the JALT Postconference Publication (PCP). Responsibilities include maintaining a list of available content editors (including ongoing recruiting efforts), making final decisions about submissions, assigning accepted papers to content editors and communicating with them as needed, and overseeing the overall publication process. The Editor-in-Chief also coordinates with the two other editors of the PCP on any miscellaneous issues that arise. The workload varies throughout the annual publication cycle. It typically averages 3-4 hours per week during the peak period January through March, around 2 hours per week from April through August, and quite a bit less than that during the fall. PCP Editors are also invited to the Publications Board annual meeting and the JALT Conference in the fall, for which assistance is provided. If you are interested, please contact the Editor at

Postconference Publication : Reviews Editor

The JALT Publications Board invites applications for the position of Reviews Editor for the JALT Postconference Publication (PCP). The main responsibility for this position is to communicate with the team of reviewers who provide feedback on submissions. The Reviews Editor is responsible for checking who is available to serve on the reviews team each year and for running the online system that assigns papers to reviewers. The Reviews Editor also coordinates with the other editors of the PCP on any matters that arise.

  • Workload: 2-3 hours (total) during the fall to prepare the website and contact reviewers and up to 30 minutes per day during the review period (January to March) to oversee the reviews system.
  • Submissions: If you are interested, please contact the PCP Reviews Editor at <>.
  • Deadline: Ongoing until filled.

The Language Teacher : Copyeditor, Proofreader, Column Editor

The Language Teacher is constantly seeking qualified candidates for positions of copyeditor, proofreader, or column editor. Applicants must be JALT members and have the knowledge, skills, and reliability to contribute to the production of a bi-monthly published academic publication. Previous experience in publications is an asset. Knowledge of JALT publications is desirable. Applicants must also have regular access to a computer with email and word processing capabilities.

The positions of copyeditor and proofreader require several hours of concentrated work every other month that consists of finding and fixing errors. Training by the Assistant Editor will be provided, and mentoring from current team members will also be available. Interested applicants should contact the Editors through the Contact page above. To apply for a column editorship, contact the current column editor directly at the email address found in each issue of TLT or through the Contact page above. Column editors can work at their own pace and are responsible for producing up to six columns per year.