Reader's Forum: Critical self-reflection: A performative act 批判的自己内省 ―パフォーマティヴな実践―

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Misako Tajima



Autobiographic and narrative research has recently grown in stature in the field of social sciences. Inspired by Asian TESOL researchers’ critical analyses of self-stories, this paper attempts to reflect upon the author’s personal history in relation to English and discuss ways in which she can position herself as both an English learner and a non-native English speaker (NNES) teacher. The self-reflection and discussion is followed by an argument for performativity, a notion drawing on poststructuralism to understand language itself and the global spread of English. This paper, itself a performative act conducted by a secondary school teacher, exemplifies the concept. The non-academic schoolteacher’s very act of writing in an academic journal aims to contribute to questioning assumptions underlying the relationship between theory and practice and to reconstituting the academic fields of applied linguistics and TESOL.