Creating a Literary Quote and Picture Task

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Tara McIlroy, Kanda University of International Studies

This paper reports on a lesson task and follow-up activities piloted in an L2 reading class using literary quotes to motivate learners. The aim of the task was to increase engagement by encouraging self-regulation and self-efficacy. Participants used literary quotes paired with their own photographs and wrote short written responses using a model provided by the teacher. Initial results of the project indicate that students can develop detailed, emotionally driven perceptions using personal experiences in their writing and that they responded positively to the autonomous aspects of the task design. Although this pilot project is only reported on briefly here, it is suggested that self-regulation, self-efficacy, and engagement with reading can increase by using such tasks with L2 readers, warranting further investigation. Additional research into the development of materials that encourage emotionally driven perceptions for use in language learning contexts is recommended as a result.