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  • Supporting L2 Readers in a Short CLIL Poetry Course by Conway, Addison
  • From Theory to Practice: Reading EAP Literature with Critical Theory by Addison
  • Literature in Language Teaching SIG Forum: Literature across Borders by McIlroy et al.
  • Measuring the Effects of Reading Fluency Practice and Extensive Reading on L2 Reading Fluency by Keith
  • Between the Lines: Teaching Inference to Students Who Don't Read by Twitchell
  • Creating a Literary Quote and Picture Task by McIlroy
  • Pedagogical Implications of Effective Corrective Feedback on L2 Writing by Taferner
  • An Instructional Approach to Persuasive Writing by Yasunaga
  • Shadowing the Masters: A Revision Activity for Narrative Writing by Tu
  • Good Writing From a Student's Perspective by Brooks