A Study on Note Taking in EFL Listening Instruction

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Michael J. Crawford, Dokkyo University

This paper presents the results of a study on note taking in a university-level English language class. The students who participated in the study (N = 21) learned various note-taking techniques and had a number of opportunities to practice them in class. In order to examine the effectiveness of this training, students’ notes for the listening sections of midterm and final exams were analyzed. Additionally, to gauge students’ reactions to the training, a questionnaire was conducted at the end of the course. Overall, results showed that the students made steady progress in their note-taking skills and felt that their skills had improved.

本稿は大学の英語授業におけるノートテイキング指導に関する研究結果を報告する。参加した学生(N = 21)は授業の中でノートティーキングの方法等について学び、練習を重ねた。学習の効果を調べるために、リスニング試験の際にとったノートを分析し、また、学生のノートテイキングに関する考えや意見を問うために、期末にアンケートを行った。データを分析した結果、学生はノートテイキング・スキルを着実に伸ばし、自分でその伸びを実感できたということが明らかになった。