Page No.: 
  • On the Use of Japanese Literature in Translation in the EFL Classroom by Tanaka
  • Black Swan Theory and PBL in Japanese Universities by O'Dowd
  • Learning about PBL from Foreign Students by O'Dowd
  • Screen English: A Practical Movie Course Guide by Miller
  • A Study on Note-Taking in EFL Listening Instruction by Crawford
  • A Systematic Approach to Making Textbook Supplements by Romney
  • Creating Supplementary Readings: JTE and ALT Roles by Collins, Fine
  • Intercultural Communication: Filling the Gaps by Townsend
  • Teaching Intercultural Competence: More than Just Culture by Edebohls
  • How Critical Thinking Is Taught in High School English Textbooks by Mineshima
  • Gratitude Project: Writing, Reading, and Reporting by Harada
  • Extensive Reading, Listening, and Shadowing with Graded Reader CDs by Kurihara et al.
  • No More Zzz’s: Audience Engagement during Oral Presentations by Maher