Page No.: 
  • The Princess and the Diachronic Change of Culturally Gendered Language by Heritage
  • Understanding of ‘Wa’ and ‘Ga’ particle Usage and Sentence Structure-Based Instruction by Matsuzawa
  • Referential Pronunciation by O'Neal
  • Reported Speech: A Central Skill of Conversation by Campbell-Larsen
  • Quantification  of MAKE Collocations in High School English Course Textbooks by Shimizu
  • Direction of Translation from English to Japanese by Leane, Nobetsu, Stephens
  • Chase or Pursue: A Corpus-Based Study by Barr
  • English as a Lingua Franca: Towards Changing Practices by Leichsenring
  • Functional Language: Unlocking Deeper Interaction by Schaefer, Turner, Lowe