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  • German or Japanese? Students of German in Japan Evaluate their Teachers’ Instruction Language by Harting
  • An Examination of Student Preferences for Pre-Discussion Planning by Stroud
  • Student Perspectives on a Short-Term Study Abroad Experience by Douglas
  • How Do Japanese Adult Learners Study English? by Fujii
  • Freshman International Students’ English Study at a Japanese University by Tyndall
  • Learner Reflections on Listening Strategies to Foster Learner Development by Niewalda
  • College Students’ Self-Efficacy and Learning Activities by Tsumura, Morioka
  • Implementing Speaking Fluency Activities by Doe
  • Slow Learners' Attitude to Reading Aloud and GW by Morioka, Tsumura, Fukihara
  • Intelligibility among Japanese EFL Learners: The Need for Pronunciation Practice by Chujo
  • EFL Student and Teacher Mis/matching L1 Preferences Over Time by Carson
  • An NPRM Approach to Study Abroad-Related Motivation and Anxiety by Lingley