Extensive Reading Start-up in Junior and Senior High School

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Cory J. Koby, University of East London

Extensive reading (ER) is a well-known and popular activity employed by L2 educators, but relatively little information related to secondary school ER programs has been published to date. This paper traces the work of a novice ER practitioner, from the discovery of ER through to the design and implementation of a program in a combined junior and senior private high school. Contrary to recommendations in much of the core literature in ER, this program makes use of both authentic and graded texts that were already on hand in an existing library collection by integrating grading scales from the Extensive Reading Foundation and the Start with Simple Stories (SSS) yomiyasusa reading levels. Under the tenets of this program, special consideration is given to the needs of young learners at the very beginning of their L2 reading skills development.