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  • Global Education and Classroom Teaching: From CBI to EMI by Carty, Susser
  • University EFL Misaligned Expectations: Overcoming Learning Disjuncture by Gold
  • University Teaching in the Internationalized by Era, Haswell
  • Critical Thinking and EFL at the University: Towards a Trans-Disciplinary Language Classroom by Hack
  • Demystifying Current Trends in Language Education by Paydon, Birchley, McCasland
  • Integrating a Functional Approach with Japanese Junior High School Teaching Practices by Asquith
  • Learner Development across Borders: Reports from LD SIG Forum by Hurrell
  • Proactive Professional Development: A Connected Educator by Nethi, Murray
  • Collaborative Approaches to Outreach by O'Neill
  • Reimagining Contemporary EFL Curricula by Johnson, Lyddon, et al.
  • An Understanding of Why EFL Teachers Teach by Ward
  • Communicative Competence in High School? Really? by Koby