Teaching English Through Video Gaming

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Jared R. Baierschmidt, Kanda University of International Studies

Research into the use of digital games for educational purposes continues to show promising results. However, the published research to date has focused mainly on using digital games in either extracurricular supplemental activities or as one-off classroom tasks. In this paper, I describe the use of commercial digital games as the core content of an elective university course for English language majors studying at a Japanese university. First, a brief summary of the published research into the use of video games for educational and language-learning purposes is provided. Second, an overview of the course including its students, objectives, and structure is given. Third, the classroom activities that utilize video games for language learning purposes are described in detail along with the pedagogic rationale for their design. Finally, survey data eliciting learner attitudes towards both the course and towards using digital games for language learning are analyzed and discussed.