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  • Book Floods: The Benefits of Electronic Book Readers in L2 Acquisition by Travis W. Lockwood, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
  • A Content-Specific Task-Based Language Program for Online Business English Instruction by M. Michael Hadas, BBT Online University
  • Data-Driven Learning and EAP Materials Development by Brian Rugen, Hawai‘i Pacific University
  • Effective Use of Tablet Computers in EFL Pedagogy by Adrian Leis, Miyagi University of Education
  • Engaging Students With a Mobile-Friendly Interactive Space by Renaud J. Davies, Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University
  • Learning Vocabulary With Digital Flashcards by Robert J. Ashcroft, Tokai University; Andrew C. Imrie, Rikkyo University
  • Online Vocabulary Recycling: An Institutional Trial by Rob Hirschel, Elaine Wright, Gareth Humphreys, Rachelle Meilleur, Sojo University
  • Potential for MOOCs in Foreign Language Teaching by Vanaja Nethi, Nova Southeastern University; Adam Murray, Miyazaki International College
  • Teaching English Through Video Gaming by Jared R. Baierschmidt, Kanda University of International Studies