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  • Developing Likert-Scale Questionnaires by Tomoko Nemoto, Temple University, Japan Campus; David Beglar, Temple University, Japan Campus
  • The Growth of English Medium Instruction in Japan by Howard Brown, University of Niigata Prefecture; Bethany Iyobe, University of Niigata Prefecture
  • Implementing Research Beyond Your Classroom: Lessons Learned by Gregory Sholdt, Kobe University; Martin D. Stoute, Kobe Shukugawa Gakuin University; Jacqueline Mull, Research Institute of English Language Education
  • Issues Related to the Internationalizing of Japanese Universities by Christopher G. Haswell, Fukuoka University
  • Modelling the Generation and Maintenance of Classroom Rapport by Brian Cullen, Nagoya Institute of Technology; Brad Deacon, Nanzan University; Sarah Mulvey, Nagoya City University; Ben Backwell, Nagoya City University
  • LD SIG Forum: Transitions in the Lives of Learners and Teachers by Ian Hurrell, Rikkyo University; Mayumi Abe,Temple University Japan Campus; Philip Shigeo Brown, Konan Women’s University; Samuel Bruce,Soka University; Jennifer Capouilliez,Rikkyo University; Jianwen Chen, Rikkyo University; Huw Davies, Open University (UK); Hideo Kojima, Hirosaki University; Paul Landicho, Rikkyo University; Timothy A. Opitz, Rikkyo University; Debjani Ray, Tokyo University of Science; Robert H. Taferner, Hiroshima University; Stacey Vye, Saitama University; Satomi Yoshimuta,Temple University Japan Campus
  • Orientation for ELF Teachers: Lessons Learned by Travis Cote, College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Tamagawa University; Brett Milliner, College of Humanities, Tamagawa University; Paul McBride, College of Humanities, Tamagawa University, Mitsuko Imai, College of Humanities, Tamagawa University, Ethel Ogane, College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Tamagawa University
  • Self-Reflections Through the Looking Glass: Perspectives of Instructors and Trainers by Ian Wash, Rikkyo University; Ken Ohashi,Rikkyo University