Student-Centered Activities in Mixed-Level Classes

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Darrell Wilkinson, Soka University, Japan


Due to a variety of constraints, many language teachers face the challenge of teaching groups of learners who possess considerably different second language abilities, have varied learning styles and preferences, and who possess different goals and objectives. Under the common teacher-centered or one-book-fits-all approach, where the teacher is forced to aim for the middle level, many students at the top or bottom end of the linguistic scale are left dissatisfied and demotivated. This paper outlines a more student-centered and differentiated approach, along with various activities, that provide a more level-appropriate, inclusive, and motivating learning experience for all students in the same class, regardless of level. 
中・大規模な語学クラスの多くは、習熟度や学習理由の異なる学習者が混ざっていることが多く、伝統的な教師中心の教授法では、適切なレベルの教 育を保証することは難しい。その結果、学習者は不満を抱き、モチベーションも減退する。この問題に取り組むため、本稿では、より学習者中心のアプローチと、授業で使えるアクティビティを紹介する。