Holistic Timing and Group Framing of Motivation

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Tetsuya Fukuda, International Christian University; Yoshifumi Fukada, Meisei University; Joseph Falout, Nihon University; Tim Murphey, Kanda University of International Studies


This study connects social psychology in theory with pedagogy in practice through a framework we call present communities of imagining (PCOIz). Students’ voices will be included in this paper to show how classroom PCOIz helped them develop as language learners. We quantitatively measured factors of motivational mind time frames, past experiences, present investment, and future aspirations, of over 400 students’ reported beliefs relating to learning English, beginning and end of semester. We then shared their own data by looping it back to them, getting their interpretations of it. Findings indicate that motivations to learn English increased through engagement in student-centered activities, community formation, and aspiration contagion. Showing students their own data brought out their voices and critical feedback on the study, and also helped students further reflect on the ways of learning in the present as a means to work toward their aspired-to English-speaking future selves.