Generating Agentive TL Interaction in TBL Projects

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Yoshifumi Fukada, Meisei University


The prevalence of task-based learning (TBL) in both EFL and ESL environments has resulted from the assumption that it can promote language learners’ (LLs’) target language (TL) social interactions. The presenter explored the sustaining attributes of LLs’ agentive attitude in the engagement of TL social interactions within the contexts of TBL projects. He conducted fieldwork for five years in a task-based English learning project named the Meisei Summer School Project (MSSP), which is specifically designed for EFL learners at a Japanese university. Findings include that the Japanese undergraduates’ agentive attitudes in TL social interactions were generated by pre-formed personal attributes and also contextually co-constructed and maintained in relation to the social nature of the program’s tasks.