Demonstrating Blended Learning through Moodle

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R. Gregg McNabb, Adam Jenkins, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

Moodle (modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment) is a powerful online Learning Management System (LMS) that complements regular classroom practices to create a blended-learning environment. This paper describes how Moodle can be used to create such an environment. We argue that a blended-learning environment has advantages over typical classroom teaching because it features numerous resources and activities placed online, and it provides students with enhanced learning opportunities. Moodle’s online testing with automated marking and individual test item analysis instantly provides comprehensive data about students’ performance. These data, combined with the ability to access logs from the resources and activities, allow educators to gain greater insights into students’ study habits. Finally, we conclude that in this age of technology where blended learning is fast becoming the norm, teachers have a responsibility to utilise technology to enrich the learning experiences of their students.