Framework & Language Portfolio SIG Forum: Looking forward

Fergus O’Dwyer, Noriko Nagai, Paul Collett, Kristen Sullivan, & Antonio Smith

The Framework & Language Portfolio (FLP) SIG Forum has been used to take stock of current developments with an eye on the future and making future plans (both for the SIG and individual members). The first report attempts to assess how the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) has been applied in language education in Japan. Positive impacts can be seen as well as difficulties and potential problems in the adaptation of the CEFR. This is followed by reflections on possible future SIG activities. The next report focuses on a project relating to goal-setting, and self-regulative and metacognitive strategies. The paper goes on to deal with the possibility of conducting a research project aimed to develop a coherent language teaching system with a focus on the integration of learning outcomes, teaching materials and assessment methods. The final report explains a proposal for the creation of a database of ideas and lesson plans divided by CEFR level and skill.