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All submissions must conform to JALT Journal Editorial Policy and Guidelines.

Editorial Policy

JALT Journal, the refereed research journal of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (Zenkoku Gogaku Kyoiku Gakkai), invites empirical and theoretical research articles and research reports on second and foreign language teaching and learning in Japanese contexts. Submissions from Asian and other international contexts are accepted if applicable to language teaching in Japan. Areas of particular interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Curriculum design and teaching methods
  • Classroom-centered research
  • Intercultural studies
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Teacher training
  • Language learning and acquisition
  • Overviews of research and practice in related fields  

The editors encourage submissions in five categories: (a) full-length articles, (b) short research reports (Research Forum), (c) essays on language education framed in theory and supported by argumentation which may include either primary or secondary data (Perspectives), (d) comments on previously published JALT Journal articles (Point to Point), and (e) book and media reviews (Reviews). Articles should be written for a general audience of language educators; therefore, statistical techniques and specialized terms must be clearly explained.

Note: JALT Publications do not charge author publication fees (e.g., APC). Membership in JALT is not required to submit to or publish in any of our publications.



JALT Journal follows the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th edition. A downloadable copy of the JALT Journal style sheet is also available for download.


Full-length articles must not be more than 8,000 words, including references, notes, tables, and figures. Research Forum submissions should not be more than 4,000 words in length. Perspectives submissions should be not more than 5,000 words in length. Point to Point comments on previously published articles should not be more than 675 words in length, and Reviews should generally range from 500 to 1,000 words. All submissions must be word processed in A4 or 8.5 x 11” format with line spacing set at 1.5 lines. For refereed submissions, names and identifying references should appear only on the cover sheet. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of references and reference citations.

Submission Procedure

Email Submissions

Please submit the following materials, except for reviews, as two email attachments in MS Word format to the appropriate editor indicated below:

  1. Cover sheet with the title and author name(s), affiliation(s), and contact information of corresponding author.
  2. Manuscript, including title, abstract, and keywords, with no reference to the author. Do not use running heads. Follow the JALT Journal style sheet.

If the manuscript is accepted for publication, a Japanese translation of the abstract will be required. Authors will also be asked to provide biographical information. Insert all tables and figures in the manuscript. Do not send as separate files.

Submissions will be acknowledged within 1 month of their receipt. All manuscripts are first reviewed by an editor to ensure they comply with JALT Journal Guidelines. Those considered for publication are subject to blind review by at least two readers, with special attention given to (1) compliance with JALT Journal Editorial Policy, (2) the significance and originality of the submission, and (3) the use of appropriate research design and methodology. Evaluation is usually completed within 3 months. Click here for more details about the manuscript peer review process.

Each contributing author of published articles and Book Reviews will receive one complimentary copy of the Journal and a PDF of the article (Book Reviews are compiled together as one PDF). JALT Journal does not provide off-prints. Contributing authors have the option of ordering further copies of JALT Journal (contact JALT Central Office for price details).

Online Submissions オンラインでの投稿

Materials in English should be sent in either Rich Text or Microsoft Word Format (NOT PDF) via our website here: Manuscripts should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) 7th Edition style. Please indicate whether or not your submission is a 1) Full-length article; 2) Perspectives article; 3) Research Forum Article or 4) Point-to-Point Submission

If you do NOT have an account in our system, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select REGISTER in the top right corner.
  3. Complete the personal information.
  4. Click REGISTER.
  5. Select JALT Journal. You will see the "About" menu just below the JALT Publications logo. Select "Submissions" under the "About" menu. 
  6. On the "Submissions" page, read the Submissions Preparation Checklist CAREFULLY and then follow the steps to complete your submission. When you upload the manuscript, make sure that it is FULLY ANONYMIZED as explained in the Submissions Preparation Checklist.
  7. You can check on the progress of your review and on the editing process through your author page in the journal.

If you already have an account registered in the system, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in.
  3. Select JALT Journal. You will see the "About" menu just below the JALT Publications logo. Select "Submissions" under the "About" menu.
  4. On the "Submissions" page, follow the steps to complete your submission.
  5. You can check on the progress of your review and on the editing process through your author page in the journal.


Papers submitted to JALT Journal must not have been previously published, nor should they be under consideration for publication elsewhere. JALT Journal has First World Publication Rights, as defined by International Copyright Conventions, for all manuscripts published. If accepted, the editors reserve the right to edit all copy for length, style, and clarity without prior notification to authors. Plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, will result in articles not being published or being retracted and may also result in the author(s) being banned from submitting to any JALT Publication.

Please be sure to review the JALT Publications—Statement of Ethics and Malpractice before submission.

Full-Length Articles, Research Forum, Point to Point Submissions, and Perspectives

See the guidelines above.

Japanese-Language Manuscripts

JALT Journal welcomes Japanese-language manuscripts on second/foreign language teaching and learning as well as Japanese-language reviews of publications. Submissions must conform to the Editorial Policy and Guidelines given above. Authors must provide a detailed abstract in English, 500 to 750 words in length, for full-length manuscripts and a 100-word abstract for reviews. Refer to the Japanese-Language Guidelines for details.

Please send Japanese-language manuscripts to:
Kiwamu Kasahara; JALT Journal Japanese-Language Editor


The editors invite reviews of books and other relevant publications in the field of language education. A list of publications that have been sent to JALT for review is published bimonthly in The Language Teacher and can be found online in the Recently Received column. Review authors receive one copy of the Journal.

Please send submissions, queries, or requests for books, materials, and review guidelines to:
Greg Rouault, JALT Journal Reviews Editor

Address for Inquiries about Subscriptions, Author Reprints, or Advertising

JALT Central Office
Urban Edge Building 5F 1-37-9 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016, Japan
Tel.: 03-3837-1630; Fax: 03-3837-1631 (From overseas: Tel.: 81-3-3837-1630; Fax: 81-3-3837-1631)
URL: <>


JALT Journalでは日本語で執筆された(a)論文、(b)研究報告、(c)展望論文、(d) JALT Journalに掲載された著作物へのコメント・考察、(e)書評を募集しています。(a)論文と(b)研究報告の違いは、以下の通り字数制限による違いです。(c)展望論文は、言語教育研究に関する課題に焦点をあてた短い論文で、先行研究の検証、理論や1次2次データに基づく議論などを含むものです。文体:一般的な学術論文のスタイルを用い、章立ての仕方や参考文献のデータの書き方などは、Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association(7th edition)の定める方式に合わせて下さい。JALT Journal書式シート(日本語原稿用)を以下からダウンロードできます  [PDF / Word file]。なお、JALT Journalの読者は現場の教師が主なので、特殊な専門用語や統計的手法は、わかりやすく定義するか説明を加えるなどして下さい。原稿:長さは、参考文献リストも含め、(a)論文は25,000字、(b)研究報告は13,000字、(c)展望論文は16,000字、(d) JALT Journalに掲載された著作物へのコメント・考察は2,000字、(e)書評は1,500~3,000字以内です。A4の用紙に横書きで、1行40字、1ページ30行で印刷して下さい。手書きの原稿は受け付けません。


JALT Journal書式シート(日本語原稿用)を参考に作成の上、電子メールの添付書類でお送りください。 なお、上記(a)論文~(e)書評のどのカテゴリーへの投稿かを明記ください。 審査を経て掲載の認められた草稿は、図表などを全て写植版にしたものにして提出願います。

査読:編集委員会で投稿要領に合っているかどうかを確認したあと、少なくとも二人の査読者が査読を行います。査読者には執筆者の名前は知らされません。査読の過程では特に、原稿がJALT Journalの目的に合っているか、言語教育にとって意味があるか、独創性はあるか、研究計画や方法論は適切か等が判定されます。査読は通常二か月以内に終了しますが、特に投稿の多い場合などは審査にそれ以上の時間がかかることがあります。

注意:JALT Journalに投稿する原稿は、すでに出版されているものや他の学術雑誌に投稿中のものは避けて下さい。JALT Journalは、そこに掲載されるすべての論文に関して国際著作権協定による世界初出版権を持ちます。なお、お送りいただいた原稿は返却しませんので、控を保存して下さい。


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