The Language Teacher - Issue 35.6; November 2011

Volume: 35
Issue No. 6
Date of publication: November 2011
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In this month’s issue . . .

Hello, and welcome to the final issue of The Language Teacher for 2011, arriving in your mailbox just in time for the 37th annual JALT National conference in Tokyo. As always, the conference organizers and presenters have been working tirelessly to ensure that this year’s conference will be just as stimulating and rewarding as we’ve come to expect each year, and we at TLT would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved. 

We end the year with another action-packed issue filled with an eclectic mix of articles that is sure to have something of interest for all tastes. Starting with two feature articles, Frank E. Daulton explores learners’ attitudes towards English-based loanwords in Japan, while Robert Long and Masatoshi Tabuki investigate fluency in novice-level speakers. 

Moving on to Readers’ Forum, Daniel Dunkley interviews Dr. Cathie Elder on Language Testing, James Jensen contributes an article on Infant Phoneme Acquisition, Diane Nagatomo examines how identity influences teaching practice in Japan, and Steven Shrader interviews Joseph Shaules. Also in this issue, we feature My Share contributions from Susan Jackson, Harlan Kellem, Shun Morimoto, and Yumi Tanaka, as well as a review of Get it down: You can write in English by Jared Angel.To top it off, we also have a wide range of engaging and practical content in our regular columns. 

As the year comes to a close, we would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, and we would also like to say goodbye and thank you to our outgoing co-editor Damian Rivers, who has put in a lot of hard work these past two years as our fearless leader. 

We hope you enjoy this issue of TLT  and we are looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

Jason Peppard, Incoming TLT Co-Editor

皆様、2011年最終号のThe Language Teacher へようこそ。本誌は、東京で開催される第37回JALT年次大会の前に皆様のお手元に届くことと思います。今年の大会が例年と同じく刺激的で有意義なものとなり、皆様のご期待に応えられるよう、開催委員会や発表者達が懸命に準備を重ねています。この場をお借りして関係者の皆様にお礼申し上げます。

本年最終号も、どんな方々にもきっと興味を持っていただける、厳選された記事が満載です。まず、Featureには2つの論文を掲載しています。Frank E. Daulton は、日本における英語起源の外来語に対する学習者の態度を研究しています。Robert Long と Masatoshi Tabuki は、初級者の会話の流暢さについて調査します。

Readers’ Forumでは、Daniel Dunkley が言語テストに関してCathie Elder にインタビューしています。James Jensen は乳幼児の音素習得について寄稿してくれました。Diane Nagatomo は、アイデンティティの問題が日本での教育実践にどのような関わりがあるか調べ、Steven Shrader はJoseph Shaules にインタビューを行いました。今月号ではまた、Susan Jackson、Harlan Kellem、Shun Morimoto、Yumi Tanaka の My Share 特集記事と、Jared Angel による Get if down: You can write in English の書評をお届けします。さらに、おなじみの連載コラムも魅力的で実用的な幅広い内容をご用意しています。

本年の終わりに向けて、皆様が健やかで楽しい休暇の季節を過ごされますようお祈りします。また、編集者の1人であるDamian Riversの退任に際し、ここに感謝の意を表したいと思います。彼は勇気あるリーダーとして、この2年間、大変熱心に仕事をしてくれました。


Jason Peppard, Incoming TLT Co-Editor



The Language Teacher

Feature Article: On the Origins of Gairaigo Bias: English Learners’ Attitudes Towards English-based Loanwords in Japan
by Frank E. Daulton, Ryukoku University

Feature Article: Understanding fluency in novice-level speakers
by Robert Long and Masatoshi Tabuki, Kyushu Institute of Technology

Reader's Forum: Language learning and testing in Australia: An interview with Dr. Cathie Elder
by Daniel Dunkley, Aichi Gakuin University

Reader's Forum: Phoneme acquisition: Infants and second language learners
by James Jensen, Founder, Aka-Kara English

Reader's Forum: A case study of how beliefs toward language learning and language teaching influence the teaching practices of a Japanese teacher of English in Japanese higher education
by Diane Nagatomo, Ochanomizu University

Reader's Forum: An interview with Joseph Shaules
by Stephen Shrader, Notre Dame Seishin Women’s University

Book Reviews

Get It Down: You can write in English
by Jared Angel, Kobe Shoin Women’s University

Chapter Reports

Chapter Reports - November 2011

JALT Focus

From the President’s desk - November 2011

My Share

Focus-on-form in a multiple intelligences game
by Yumi Tanaka, Kobe Shoin Women’s University

Adapting pair work exercises for use with lower-level or less motivated students
by Susan Jackson, Himeji Dokkyo University

An awareness-raising task for the use of articles
by Shun Morimoto, Chigakukan Secondary School

An interview test of form and meaning
by Harlan Kellem, Momoyama Gakuin University


Learner Development SIG: Realizing autonomy
by Rich Silver, Ritsumeikan University and Alison Stewart, Gakushuin University

Investigating specialized vocabulary in English: A review
by Aaron James, Graduate College of Education, Temple University

FAB1 Brainteaser Quiz
by Ray Franklin, Osaka JALT Publicity Chair

Volunteering in Tohoku, with AFJ & IMA
by Rohini Deblaise, West Tokyo JALT

TLT Wired

How to reach students whose heads are in the clouds
by Michael Holsworth, Temple University Osaka – M.S.Ed. Student

Old Grammarians

Reason art that thine does Romeo?
by Scott Gardner

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