Reader's Forum: An interview with Joseph Shaules

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Stephen Shrader, Notre Dame Seishin Women’s University

Joseph Shaules presented at JALT 2010, where he talked about intercultural communication (IC) and language teaching. Chatting after his session, we also discussed the importance of maintaining a dialogue in the language teaching community about the teaching of IC and culture. Due to the distance between Okayama and Tokyo, he was kind enough to agree to an interview with Stephen Shrader, a Visiting Instructor at Notre Dame Seishin Women’s University, through a series of email exchanges.
Joseph Shaulesは2010年にJALTで、異文化間コミュニケーション(IC)と言語教育に関する発表を行った。私達はその発表後に、ICと文化の教育に関して、言語教育コミュニティーでの対話を継続する大切さを話し合った。岡山と東京は遠距離のため、メールのやり取りを通してのインタビューを行なった。