The Language Teacher - Issue 35.5; September 2011

Volume: 35
Issue No. 5
Date of publication: September 2011
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Special issue: A Taste of JALT2010

Welcome to the Taste of JALT2010 special issue. The 37th annual JALT National conference is just around the corner, and as we look forward to Teaching, Learning, and Growing, in Yoyogi, TLT is taking some time to also look back and reflect on last year’s conference. In this special issue, we showcase ten of the best articles from the 2010 conference proceedings. These articles provide a snapshot of the conference and the broad range of presentations that addressed the theme of creativity and thinking outside the box. Authors Joshua Antle, Mike Guest, Chris Hale, Naoko Harada, James Hobbs, Adam Komisarof, Christian Perry, Misako Tajima, Ayumi Uchida and Sachiho Mori, and Giancarla Unser-Schutz have all kindly provided summaries of their conference presentations. The full versions of these papers along with all the other proceedings papers can be accessed at <>.

We also have a stimulating range of articles, ideas and reviews within our regular content sections. Our Feature article for this issue comes from Fumihiko Ito who explores the connections between L2 reading and writing abilities. In Reader’s Forum, Kim Bradford-Watts examines peers teaching peers in the EFL classroom and Paul Stapleton takes a critical look at teacher evaluation at the tertiary level in Japan. Our My Share lesson ideas come from Douglas Hamano-Bunce, Edward Chan and Margaret Kim, Nathan Ducker, and Masaya Kaneko. In Book Reviews, John Nevara provides a review of True to Life. It is the desire of all TLT staff that this month’s issue will provide you with ample stimulation for your post-summer return to the classroom. We all look forward to seeing you in Tokyo later this year.

Damian Rivers, TLT Co-Editor

Jason Peppard, TLT Associate Editor

Taste of JALT 2010特別号へようこそ。"Teaching, Learning, and Growing"というテーマの下に第37回JALT年次大会が代々木で開催される運びとなり、待ち遠しい限りですが、TLTでは、昨年の大会をここで振り返ってみたいと思います。この特別号では、2010年大会論文集の優れた論文の中から10本をご披露します。これらの論文では、"creativity and thinking outside the box"というテーマにおける大会全体や様々な発表を垣間見ることができます。Joshua Antle, Mike Guest, Chris Hale, Naoko Harada, James Hobbs, Adam Komisarof, Christian Perry, Misako Tajima, Ayumi Uchida and Sachiho Mori, Giancarla Unser-Schutzの各著者は、大会での発表の概要を快く提供してくれました。各概要の全文は、他の全ての大会論文と同様に、<>で読むことができます。

このほかに、いつものコラムでは様々な記事やアイデア、書評などを用意しています。今月号のFeatureではFumihiko Itoが、L2のリーディングとライティングの能力の関連性について論じています。Reader's ForumではKim Bradford-Wattsが、EFL教室内でのpeers teaching peers(学生が学生に教えること)について検討します。また、Paul Stapletonは、日本の高等教育での教員評価について批評します。My Shareでは、Douglas Hamano-Bunce, Edward Chan と Margaret Kim, Nathan Ducker, Masaya Kanekoの各氏が、授業のためのアイデアを紹介します。Book Reviewsでは、John NevaraがTrue to Lifeの書評を書いています。今月号が皆さんの夏休み明けの授業の刺激になるような情報をたっぷり提供できますことを、TLTスタッフ一同願っています。もうすぐ東京で皆様にお会いできるのを楽しみにしています。

Damian Rivers, TLTCo-Editor

Jason Peppard, TLTAssociate Editor


The Language Teacher

A Taste of JALT2010
by Joshua Antle, Mike Guest, Chris Hale, Naoko Harada, James Hobbs, Adam Komisarof, Christian Perry, Misako Tajima, Ayumi Uchida and Sachiho Mori, and Giancarla Unser-Schutz

L2 reading–writing correlation in Japanese EFL high school students
by Fumihiko Ito, Gunma National College of Technology

Students teaching students? Peer teaching in the EFL classroom in Japan
by Kim Bradford-Watts, Kyoto Women’s University

Japanese universities: Change or risk marginalization
by Paul Stapleton

Book Reviews

True to Life
by John Nevara, Kobe Gakuin University

Chapter Reports

Chapter Reports - September 2011

Career Development Corner

Utilizing conferences as a career tool
by Richard Miller

My Share

Blah blah: Interactive contextualised vocabulary review
by Douglas Hamano-Bunce

Breaking down barriers through cross-cultural interactions
by Edward Chan & Margaret Kim

Oral communication practice for students who read too much in presentations
by Nathan Ducker

Vocabulary building: Two successful strategies for Japanese senior high school students
by Masaya Kaneko


Funding for your chapter or SIG
by Fred Carruth (Shinshu University) and Fergus O’Dwyer (Osaka University)

Wow! That was a wonderful presentation!
by Aleda Krause, JALT Director of Records

Volunteering at the grassroots level
by Kevin Cleary, JALT President

Personal growth homework: How out-of-class tasks can help students make friends, get jobs, and fall in love
by Kip Cates, Tottori University

TLT Wired

Tablet computers in the ESL classroom: Unlimited possibilities 大学英語教育におけるタブレット型コンピュータ:無限の可能性
by Jared Angel, Kobe Shoin Women’s University

Grassroots Outreach

Adapting an Italian educational approach in Canadian and Japanese preschools
by Anna Baldacchino

Old Grammarians

Popular movie sequels
by Scott Gardner

Showcase & Member's Profile

Member's Profile: Kristen Sullivan
by Kristen Sullivan

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