The Language Teacher - Issue 34.6; November 2010

Volume: 34
Issue No. 6
Date of publication: November 2010
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The Language Teacher

Feature Article: A brief overview of lifelong learning in Japan
by Anthony C. Ogden, Pennsylvania State University

Feature Article: When nontraditional meets traditional: Understanding nontraditional students through classroom discourse analysis
by Brian D. Rugen, Hawai'i Pacific University

Feature Article: Curriculum Negotiation at NHK: Meeting the Needs and Demands of Adult Learners
by Harry Harris, Hakuoh University

Feature Article: Strategies for teacher motivation
by Joseph Falout, Nihon University

Reader's Forum: Learning to speak English: Japanese junior high school student views
by Douglas James Rapley, Kawasaki Medical School

Reader's Forum: TOEIC materials and preparation questions: Interview with an ETS representative
by David John Wood, Chikushijogakuen University

Book Reviews

Interchange Companion to the TOEIC® Test 1, 2
by James McCrostie, Daito Bunka University

Writing for Life: Paragraph to Essay
by J. Allen Gray, Kansai Gaidai University

Chapter Reports

Chapter Reports - November 2010

JALT Focus

Conferencing Outside the Box
by Marcos Benevides

Career Development Corner

The JALT2010 International Conference: A unique opportunity for job recruiters and seekers
by Douglas Meyer, Conference Job Information Center Coordinator

My Share

Reviewing functional language for traveling
by Kim Bradford-Watts, Kyoto Women’s University, Kyoto University

Conditional imperative board game: It’s Your Life.
by Doreen Gaylord, Kanazawa Technical College

Teaching the elderly through children’s picture books
by Zane Ritchie, Ritsumeikan University

Happy holidays! An information exchange activity for multi-generational classes
by Julia K. Harper, Ritsumeikan University


Twenty-two years and 52 speakers later
by Mary L. Burkitt , JALT2010 Balsamo Asian Scholar Liaison and Four Corners Tour Coordinator

CALL: What’s your motivation?
by Robert Chartrand, JALT CALL Coordinator; ,

Older students as both teachers and learners
by Tadashi Ishida, Director of English Academic Research Institute

Overview of TESOL 2010
by Chisato Saida, Director of General English Education, Ibaraki University

SIG Focus

SIG News - November 2010

TLT Wired

Teaching original writing with Turnitin’s WriteCycle
by J. Paul Marlowe

Grassroots Outreach

Teaching and Learning through Music in the Contact Zones
by Elliot Waldman

Old Grammarians

Interpretation quiz for famous sayings
by Scott Gardner

Showcase & Member's Profile

Showcase: Darren Elliott

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