CALL: What’s your motivation?

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I would like to thank all participants who took part in the JALTCALL 2010 Conference in Kyoto, 28-30 May. Over 200 people attended this conference over three days, including presenters and attendees from all over Japan and several other countries. Workshops were held on Friday evening and over 100 presentations were conducted on Saturday and Sunday. Joyce Egbert from Washington State University delivered the Keynote Speech and she spoke knowledgeably about student engagement. Larry Davies gave the Plenary Speech, talking passionately about online learning and the future of university education. The students and faculty of Kyoto Sangyo University were excellent hosts and we are grateful to them for allowing our conference to take place there for the second time.

One noteworthy presentation was titled, “JALTCALL Repository: Peer-to-Peer Exchange of CALL Materials” by Don Hinkelman and Andrew Johnson. This is important to mention because the CALL SIG helped to sponsor this project, the aim of which is to enable teachers to share learning resources and activities in a JALT CALL-supported global repository for CALL materials. Please go to the JALT CALL home page for more precise information about this topic.

For the first time at our conference, the CALL SIG sponsored a videographer, Darren Elliott, to record his impressions and they can be seen here: <>.

Also, conference interviews with JALTCALL 2010 Keynote Speaker Joy Egbert and Plenary Speaker Larry Davies can be viewed here: <>.

On another note, I am pleased to announce that the JALTCALL 2011 Conference will be held for the first time in Kyushu next year from 3-5 June 2011. The venue will be Kurume University, in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Kurume City is the birthplace of the Bridgestone Corporation and the founders of this global company, the Ishibashi family, were important contributors to the foundation of Kurume University. This university has a very well-respected Faculty of Medicine (Asahi Campus), as well as the Faculties of Commerce, Economics, Law and Literature (Mii Campus). On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the university, a modern computer center was built on the Mii Campus, which will be used for the conference along with the Media Center, which contains CALL, LL, and AV classrooms.

Kurume can be reached from Fukuoka Airport with a 45-minute bus ride, or by train with the brand new Kyushu shinkansen, which will open in March 2011. It will take about 15 minutes to Kurume Station from Hakata Station, the terminal of the Sanyo shinkansen for travelers coming from Hiroshima, Osaka, and so on. It takes about two-and-a-half hours from Osaka by train or 90 minutes by plane from Tokyo. Fukuoka Airport also has many direct flights from many cities in Japan as well as in Asia. Whether you come from Japan or abroad, we look forward to welcoming you to Kurume for JALTCALL 2011!

I would also like to announce that The JALT CALL SIG will help sponsor one of the Keynote Speakers of the National JALT Conference in Nagoya, being held from 19-22 November 2010: Nicky Hockly of The Consultants-E has been involved in language teaching, teacher training, and using technology to teach English. The JALTCALL SIG is also organizing a Forum at the National JALT Conference on the topic of using technology for language teaching and learning with Nicky Hockly as one of the speakers. We encourage you to attend this event, as it is certain to be of great interest to the CALL community. Please check the conference program for further details. Also, don’t forget to attend the Annual General Meeting of the CALL SIG at the National Conference to find out more about our SIG and help out by volunteering for a position.

Finally, I am pleased to mention one more event that will occur next winter, which will be of interest to our community. Moodle Moot Japan 2011 will take place on 22-23 February at Kochi University of Technology, in Shikoku. I urge all of you who are interested in Moodle to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to attend workshops on this popular Course Management System. Please check our website for more information on this and other activities of the JALT CALL SIG.

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