The Language Teacher - Issue 33.1; January 2009

Volume: 33
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: January 2009
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The Language Teacher

Representation of English users and uses in university EFL textbooks
by BK Cottle, Rikkyo University

Principles for developing oral fluency in the classroom – スピーキング力を発達させる指導法
by Harlan Kellem, Kwansei Gakuin University

Book Reviews

Smart Choice Level 1
by Myles Grogan, Momoyama Gakuin Daigaku/Kinki Daigaku

Career Development Corner

Publish and flourish
by James McCrostie

My Share

Using pop-up books in class
by Kim Bradford-Watts, Kyoto Women’s University, Kyoto University

Evocation bingo: Questionmaking and increased participation
by Thalawyn Silverwood, Wako University

TESOL 2.0: Using blogs in three ways
by Joachim Castellano, Jacob S. MacLeod, Tara E. Tarpey: Teachers College, Columbia University

Techniques for classroom English immersion
by Carolyn E. Fish & Daniel E. Devolin, Toyohashi, Aichi Elementary School ALT/Queen's Language School


Spinning yarns on PAC7@JALT2008
by Alan S. Mackenzie, Regional Project Teacher Training Manager, British Council East Asia

Report on the 20th Kusatsu Summer Workshop
by Hideto D. Harashima, Co-president of Gunma JALT

Old Grammarians

Argument against, the
by Scott Gardner

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Member’s Profile: Nicholas Yates

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