The Language Teacher - Issue 32.8; August 2008

Volume: 32
Issue No. 8
Date of publication: August 2008
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The Language Teacher

Feature Article: Socio-cultural barriers facing TBL in Japan
by Christian Burrows, International Pacific University (Okayama, Japan)

Reader's Forum: Negotiating objectives in a language program
by James Venema, Nagoya Women’s University

Book Reviews

Let the Debate Begin! Effective Argumentation and Debate Techniques
by Russell P. Hubert, Kyoto Sangyo University

Career Development Corner

Pimp my Résumé
by James McCrostie

My Share

Learning student names
by Simon Handy, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Using music to stimulate free-association and promote vocabulary building
by Andrew Woollock, Ritsumeikan University

Closing ESL/EFL lessons with summaries
by Tomonori Ono, Hawai’i Pacific University

Speaking and writing activities based on a video clip
by Mike Lidgley, Tokai University

TLT Wired

Demonstrating online applications—offline
by Paul Collett and Paul Daniels

Old Grammarians

Excerpt from an imaginary interview with Jacques Derrida
by Scott Gardner

Showcase & Member's Profile

Showcase: Christopher Stillwell

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