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Here is a selection of frequently asked questions about JALT Journal. If you have other queries concerning JALT Journal, please contact the Editors [ Contact Page ].

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get the JALT Journal?

Subscriptions to JALT Journal and The Language Teacher are included in JALT membership. Subscriptions are also available for JJ and TLT. Further information on membership can be found on the JALT website or contact the JALT Central Office for details.

Q: How can I get back issues of copies or articles?

You can order back issues of JALT Journal or copies of articles through the JALT Shop.

Q: How do I submit a manuscript to JALT Journal?

Read the guidelines that can be found in each issue of JALT Journal and on this website. Once you have decided which section is appropriate for your manuscript, submit it to the designated editor following the format described in the guidelines.

Q: What happens after I submit an article to JALT Journal?

First the editor notifies the author that the manuscript has been received.The editor then reads the manuscript to decide whether it is suitable for JALT Journal. Appropriate manuscripts are then sent out to two reviewers for a blind review. Authors will be notified whether or not their manuscript has been accepted within approximately two months.

Q: What are my chances of having a manuscript accept for publication?

Slightly more than 10% of the manuscripts submitted for the main section of the journal are accepted.The best way to increase the likelihood of acceptance is to closely follow the JALT Journal guidelines for the section you are interested in. Particular attention should be focussed on including up-to-date references in your literature review, assuring that your research design is sound, and following APA format in preparing your manuscript. Remember JALT Journal aims to link theoretical and practical issues keeping the language educator in mind. You should also consider having a colleague read your manuscript before submitting.

Q: What happens if my manuscript is rejected?

If there are no basic flaws in the design of the study, rewrite the manuscript carefully according to the reviewers' suggestions, show it to colleagues for feedback, and refine it further. Then try sending it to another journal. If there are basic design flaws, then treat it as a learning experience and conduct further research, making sure to address the design flaws that were identified so that the new research is publishable. All authors, even the most famous ones, have been rejected at one time or another. It's part of the professional development process.

Q: What happens if I am asked to rewrite and resubmit my manuscript?

Rewrite it carefully following the instructions of the reviewers. It is also a good idea to show it to several colleagues to get more feedback.

Q: Who holds the copyright to articles published in JALT Journal?
  1. JALT Journal (JALT) has First World Publication Rights, as defined by International Copyright Conventions, to the Work in question;
  2. all statutory rights in the copyright of the Work in question are retained by the Author(s);
  3. JALT reserves the right to reproduce the Work in JALT sponsored publications other than JALT Journal, but must notify the Author(s);
  4. to compensate for publication and other expenses, JALT will retain all proceeds of sale by JALT or other vendors of JALT-produced copies of the Work;
  5. the Author(s) may also have the Work reproduced in other publications without notifying JALT, but must ensure the following:
    1. the Work may not appear prior to publication in JALT Journal;
    2. the reproduced Work must bear the following credit:
      (This article) (A different version of this article) first appeared in JALT Journal, (volume[issue], date), published by the Japan Association for Language Teaching.
  6. JALT Journal (JALT) certifies and warrants that after publication of the Work, it releases to the Author(s) all rights except those reserved above, and that the Work will be copyrighted by the following legend, to be printed on JALT Journal's Table of Contents page:
    All materials in this publication are copyright (date) by their respective authors.