Research Forum: Professors' Expectations of Foreign Students in Freshman-Level Courses

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David Kehe, Peggy Kehe, Minnesota State University-Akita

As more Japanese students take an interest in pursuing degrees in the U.S., ESL
professionals in Japan are designing courses and programs in English for Academic
Purposes (EAP), in order to prepare them for American college classes. But the
content of these EAP courses is often determined by what assumpttons the
professionals hold regarding the types of skills foreign students will need in
order to succeed in college courses. Some of the most commonly-held
assumptions in the area of EAP are held up to. scrutiny in this report on how 30
American university professors responded in interviews when asked to describe
what skills they expected foreign students to have upon entry into their freshmanlevel
courses. Also included are some pieces of advice which these professors
said that they wished they could give to foreign students on how to succeed in
their classes.