Incorporating an External Online Test Into a University Language Program

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Steven Pattison, Anthony Diaz, Tomoko Eto, Patrick Johnston, Kent Jones, Malcolm Larking, Michael Phillips, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

This paper presents a discussion of the adoption of an online test at the lowest levels of an English program at an international university in Japan. We first provide some background on the project, including an explanation of the test format, before describing its implementation at the university and the subsequent materials created to support student learning. We then discuss how we evaluated the impact and efficacy of the test and related materials using four different measures. An analysis and interpretation of these results follows, where we consider aspects such as washback, agency and efficacy. We conclude by stating that while these aspects are useful as guiding thematic concepts, further systematic research is needed to continue the project beyond the summary of the implementation and evaluation stages of the test provided here.