The Language Teacher - Issue 36.3; May 2012

Volume: 36
Issue No. 3
Date of publication: May 2012
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In this month’s issue . . .

Greetings and welcome to the May/June 2012 issue of TLT. How are your new classes? Teachers and students are now getting accustomed to a new academic year, enjoying a short break from school during Golden Week, and preparing to cope with the long and hot rainy season in June.

In our Feature articles, Masumi Tahira examinesMEXT’s new Course of Study Guidelines in terms of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), and Mark Rebuck introduces the CI-slot approach, incorporating controversial issues into pre-existing lessons and investigates students’ reactions.

We have two articles in Readers’ Forum, Paul Tanner andJim Chapman firstexplain a 6-week poster presentation project, and next Scott Menking discusses exchange agreements between Japanese and foreign institutions for studying abroad programs.

In My Share, Germain Mesureur, Nathaniel French,Christopher Pulte, and Doreen Gaylord give some fresh ideas for the classroom. In the Book Reviews section, Chris Wharton reviews Seeds of Confidence and Mark Lewis provides a review of The Sixties: Activities for Students of English as a Second or Foreign Language.

We are grateful to the many contributors and production staff members who helped complete this issue. We hope that you find the content helpful and practical.

Emika Abe

TLTJapanese-Language Editor



本号のFeatureでは、Masumi Tahiraが、コミュニカティブ言語教育の観点から文部科学省の学習指導要領を検討し、Mark Rebuckは、既存の授業の一部に社会問題を取り入れる、「社会問題の広場」アプローチを紹介し、学生の反応も調査しています。

Readers’Forumでは、2つ記事のうち、Paul Tanner とJim Chapmanが6週間にわたるプレゼンテーションプロジェクトを説明し、Scott Menkingは、海外研修のための日本と海外の教育機関との交換協定について論じています。

My Shareでは、Germain Mesureur、Nathaniel French、Christopher Pulte、Doreen Gaylordの教室での使える新しいアイディアを紹介しています。また、Book Reviewsでは、Chris Wharton がSeeds of Confidence を、Mark Lewis がThe Sixties: Activities for Students of English as a Second or Foreign Languageを論評しています。



阿部 恵美佳


The Language Teacher

Behind MEXT's new Course of Study Guidelines
by Masumi Tahira, Temple University

The CI-slot approach to controversial issues: The students’ views
by Mark Rebuck, Nagoya University

Poster presentations speak for themselves
by Paul Tanner and Jim Chapman, Aichi Bunkyo University

Exchange Agreements between Japanese and Foreign Institutions
by Scott Menking, Shimane University

Book Reviews

Seeds of Confidence
by Chris Wharton, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Canada)

The Sixties: Activities for Students of English as a Second or Foreign Language
by Mark Lewis, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University

Chapter Reports

Chapter Reports - May 2012

JALT Focus

Notice of the 2012 JALT Ordinary General Meeting

Career Development Corner

Beyond your résumé: Getting noticed and getting in
by George Schaaff

My Share

Using L3 mini lessons in the L2 classroom
by Germain Mesureur, Keisen University

Creating generative output with beginning and intermediate learners
by Nathaniel French, Adachi Gakuen

Whiteboard and projector language game
by Christopher Pulte, Yokohama Soei College

Bookmark this!
by Doreen Gaylord, Kanazawa Technical College


Join the 11thAnnual Pan-SIG Conference in Hiroshima!
by Naomi Fujishima, Okayama University and Pan-SIG 2012 Conference Chair

JALTCALL 2012: A sneak preview
by Adam Murray, Tokai University

Hiroshima Learner Development get-togethers
by Jim Ronald

Encouraging wider participation through grants, subscriptions, and local get-togethers
by Andy Barfield, Hiromi Furusawa, Kay Irie, and Rich Silver, Learner Development SIG committee

The CEFR, can do statements, and language portfolios in action
by Morten Hunke, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

EFL Teacher Journeys Conference
by Peter Hourdequin, Tokoha Gakuen University

SIG Focus

SIG News - May 2012

TLT Wired

Researching ICT integration in Japanese EFL classrooms
by Michael Stout, Toyo Gakuen University; Mari Yamauchi, Chiba University of Commerce

Grassroots Outreach

GLoCALL 2011convenes in the Philippines
by Patrick Rates

Old Grammarians

Ask the Outlander Guy
by Scott Gardner

Showcase & Member's Profile

Showcase: Alison Stewart
by Alison Stewart

Outside the Box

The Caribbean
by Garcia Chambers

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