EFL Teacher Journeys Conference

Peter Hourdequin, Tokoha Gakuen University


On June 24, 2012, the Shizuoka Chapter and the Teacher Education and Development (TED) SIG will be co-hosting a one-day conference in Shizuoka City. The conference will be held at the Kyouiku Kaikan, ten minutes on foot from Shizuoka station.

The EFL Teacher Journeys Conference aims to explore the richness of EFL teachers' career paths and identities. There will be two featured speakers: Patrick Kiernan from Meiji University, and Wilma Luth from Hokkai Gakuen University. Patrick Kiernan's presentation, entitled Journeys of Teaching and Learning, will describe insights gleaned from life story interviews with more than forty English teachers in Japan (native and non-native) working in a variety of teaching situations, and with varying degrees of experience and expertise. He will also introduce such key concepts as narrative identity, communities of practice, and imagined identities. To illustrate these concepts, Patrick will relate some of the more inspiring and intriguing stories in order to provoke discussion and reflection into our ongoing journeys as teachers and how these are important to what goes on in the classroom and how effectively our learners learn.

Wilma Luth’s presentation is entitled Tools for the EFL Teacher Journey. Wilma will retrace her teaching journey of more than 20 years in Japan. She will describe several of the tools and ideas, including reflective practice and creating a teaching portfolio, that she has used along the way to sustain her energy and enthusiasm for teaching.

Besides the two featured presentations, there will be an additional 12 presentations during three concurrent sessions focusing on a variety of topics such as the development of EFL teaching skills/expertise, EFL teacher career journeys, and teacher identity. The conference will wrap up with a networking session. Also, we are pleased that Englishbooks.jp will be supporting the event and will have a wide selection of professional development textbooks available for purchase (cash, credit card, and institutional order).

We hope you will join us on June 24 in Shizuoka to tell your story through either empirical research or personal narrative, or to listen to the stories of other teachers trekking along on a similar journey. For more details about the EFL Teacher Journeys Conference, please visit the conference website at: <https://sites.google.com/site/teacherjourneys/>.

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