The Language Teacher - Issue 34.5; September 2010

Volume: 34
Issue No. 5
Date of publication: September 2010
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A Taste of JALT2009 Conference Proceedings Special Issue

Conference Proceedings Articles

  • Ten native checkers and one English abstract - by Ian Willey and Kimie Tanimoto
  • Japanese-English bilingual children's perspective - by Masae Takeuchi
  • Who wants feedback and does it make any difference? - by Rachael Ruegg
  • Task sequencing based on the Cognition Hypothesis - by Rick Romanko and Miyuki Nakatsugawa
  • The measurement problem in Extensive Reading: Students' attitudes - by Ian Mark Brierley, David Ruzicka, Hiroki Sato, and Tomonori Wakasugi
  • Exploring teacher talk: Just listen to yourself - by Jason Peppard
  • Use of mnemonics by Japanese students - by María Fernández Alonso
  • A Qualitative Study on Demotivating Factors - by Shuji Tsumura
  • Loop it! Student Participatory Research - by Joseph Falout and Tim Murphey
  • Content-based instruction for OLE: The French forum - by Ernesto Hernandez



The Language Teacher

Taste of JALT2009: Excerpts from JALT2009 Conference Proceedings
by Ian Willey, Kimie Tanimoto, Masae Takeuchi, Rachael Reugg, Rick Romanko, Miyuki Nakatsugawa, Mark Brierley, David Ruzicka, Hiroki Sato,Tomonori Wakasugi, Jason Peppard, Maria Fernandez Alonso, Shuji Tsumura, Joseph Falout, Tim Murphey and Ernesto Hernandez

Feature Article: Expanding the dialogue: Incorporating classroom observations in curriculum development
by James Venema, Nagoya Women’s University

Reader's Forum: The right stuff: hiring trends for tenured university positions in Japan
by James McCrostie, Daito Bunka University

Reader's Forum
by Christopher Stillwell, Sojo University

Book Reviews

Topic Talk (2nd Edition)
by Robert H. Taferner, Lancaster University

Oxford Word Skills (Levels 1-3)
by Arthur Lauritsen, Shoin University

Chapter Reports

Chapter Reports - September 2010

JALT Focus

June 2010 EBM
by Marcos Benevides

Career Development Corner

The Berlitz Method of Labour Intimidation
by James McCrostie, Editor

My Share

Using the Daily Yomiuri for an editorial group work class
by Tim Knight, Shirayuri College

Introducing autonomy to your students: A simple discussion activity
by Peter Mizuki, Nihon University

Communicative competence: Task-oriented activities that engage students in creative language use
by Craig Gamble, Kansai Gaidai University

Scaffolding difficult topics for meaningful discussion
by Robin Russ, Kansai University


The unseen face of JALT – Part 2
by Cynthia Keith, National Vice President

Meeting the needs of EFL teacher/researchers with MASH Academic Publishing
by Theron Muller, Noah Learning Center

Men imagining a girl revolution: Lecture review
by Erina Ogawa, Toyo University

Lend us your ears: Help with finding online listening resources
by Thomas Boutorwick and Matthew Rooks, Department of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University

SIG Focus

SIG News - September 2010

TLT Wired

What’s new for instructors in Moodle 2.0?
by Ted O’Neill, J. F. Oberlin University ELP

Grassroots Outreach

An Interview with Volunteer Teacher Elliot Waldman in Vietnam
by David McMurray

Old Grammarians

If Nostradamus were an English teacher
by Scott Gardner

Showcase & Member's Profile

Member's Profile: Chris Wharton
by Chris Wharton

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