Taste of JALT2009: Excerpts from JALT2009 Conference Proceedings

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Ian Willey, Kimie Tanimoto, et. al.

With the 36th annual JALT National 2010 Conference quickly approaching, TLT is taking the time to reflect on last year’s conference. The theme in 2009 was “The Teaching-Learning Dialogue: An Active Mirror.” In this issue, we feature some of the best papers submitted for publication in the conference proceedings. Many thanks go out to our dedicated team of proceedings editors and readers who contributed to making this issue by offering their recommendations on what to include. We have endeavored to bring you a wide range of proceedings summaries which not only prompt us to reflect on last year’s conference but also encourage us to look forward to this year’s. The topic of each summary includes an element of creativity and takes us “outside the box” on a variety of issues.

Ian Willey, Kimie Tanimoto, Masae Takeuchi, Rachael Reugg, Rick Romanko, Miyuki Nakatsugawa, Mark Brierley, David Ruzicka, Hiroki Sato,Tomonori Wakasugi, Jason Peppard, Maria Fernandez Alonso, Shuji Tsumura, Joseph Falout, Tim Murpheyand Ernesto Hernandez have kindly prepared short summaries of their conference presentations based on their proceedings papers.  The full articles, along with many others, are available at www.jalt-publicaitons.org/proceedings/2009.

  • Ian Willey and Kimie Tanimoto examine how different teachers proofread a science text
  • Masae Takeuchi reports on the perspectives of Japanese-English bilingual children
  • Rachael Reugg investigates student preferences on writing feedback
  • Rick Romanko and Miyuki Nakatsugawa explore task sequencing based on the Cognition Hypothesis
  • Mark Brierley, David Ruzicka, Hiroki Sato and Tomonori Wakasugi document student perceptions on the value of ER
  • Jason Peppard analyzes teacher talk
  • Maria Fernandez Alonso promotes the use of mnemonics
  • Shuji Tsumura discusses demotivating factors
  • Joseph Falout and Tim Murphey look at student participatory research
  • Ernesto Hernandez advocates content-based instruction in French language teaching