The Language Teacher - Issue 32.11; November 2008

Volume: 32
Issue No. 11
Date of publication: November 2008
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The Language Teacher

The bridge between students and teachers: The effect of dialogue journal writing
by Reiko Yoshihara, Nihon University

English Story Cycle:The basis of an elementary school English curriculum
by Anthony S. Rausch, Hirosaki University, Faculty of Education

Book Reviews

Blended Learning: Using technology in and beyond the language classroom
by Michael Thomas, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business

Career Development Corner

TESOL in Seoul: A “Korea” Move?
by David A. Leaper, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

My Share

Kanji-compound presentation
by Mark Rebuck Nagoya University

Helping students make the most of conversation practice: A learner-training lesson
by Andrew Hayes, Kanagawa University, Yokohama

Who’s Who? A student-centered, task-based activity to establish a learning conducive atmosphere
by Byron O’Neill, Kyoto Notre Dame University & Russell P. Hubert, Kyoto Sangyo University

Using a student newspaper to promote communication
by Jason Williams and Chris Creighton, Notre Dame Seishin University

TLT Wired

May I Borrow Your Computerized Dictionary(ies)?: Integrating Portable Devices, Translation Software and Web Dictionaries to Maximize Language Learning
by John Paul Loucky

Old Grammarians

The Old Fibberian recites some classic fables
by Scott Gardner

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