The Language Teacher - Issue 32.3; March 2008

Volume: 32
Issue No. 3
Date of publication: March 2008
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Feature Article

  • Pedagogical practice on Japanese narratives for learners of Japanese
    - by Ritsuko Narita

Readers' Forum

  • Language minority students coping with school life in Japan
    - by Maiko Ogasawara

My Share

  • An interactive and creative writing activity
    - by Andrew Brady
  • Training communication skills: Circumlocution
    - by Ben Shearon
  • Paraphrasing short texts in the EFL classroom
    - by Michael Kistler
  • Picture-based dialogues
    - by Barry Hall

Book Reviews

  • Foundations Reading Library
    - Reviewed by Fiona MacGregor
  • Fifty-fifty: Third Edition (Book 1)
    - Reviewed by Quint Oga-Baldwin


  • Understanding genre and modalities through video storyboarding: From theory to product
    - by Charles E. Robertson

Member's Profile & Showcase

  • Ben Shearon
    - with Damian Rivers


  • How to be the best
    - Reported by Margaret Orleans
  • Memorial scholarships for the Teachers Helping Teachersprogram
    - Reported by William Balsamo


  • Lao People's Democratic Republic
    - with David McMurray


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