The Language Teacher - Issue 31.12; December 2007

Volume: 31
Issue No. 12
Date of publication: December 2007
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Feature Article

  • Two key issues to consider in the design of an effective ER program: Self-Selection and Integration - by Rory Rosszell

Readers' Forum

  • Building bridges: Instant Messenger Cooperative Development - by Andrew Boon
  • Extensive listening in English as a foreign language - by Ronan Brown

My Share

  • Who am I? - by Gregory K. Jember
  • Gay and lesbian protrayals in advertisements: A CALL activity for upper intermediate and advanced learners pair chunk reading - by Steven K. Ahola

Book Reviews

  • Getting Ready for Speech: A Beginner's Guide to Public Speaking - Reviewed by Stella Yamazaki
  • Active Listening: Level 2 (Second Edition) - Reviewed by Cheryl Kirchhoff


  • Blog Communities - by Adam Murray


  • Andy Gillet - by Phillip McCasland


  • Breaking into an ELT publishing house


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