The Language Teacher - Issue 28.10; October 2004

Volume: 28
Issue No. 10
Date of publication: October 2004
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The Language Teacher

Do we practice what we teach? Influences of experiential knowledge of learning Japanese on classroom teaching of English
by Peter Burden, Okayama Shoka University

How to be seen: Taking the stress out of classroom observations
by Dale Ward, Ivy Academy, Kyoto

Recruiting a University English Teacher: Raising the Standard
by Paul Stapleton, Hokkaido University

An Interview with Thomas N. Robb about Recent Shifts in Focus of Online CALL Activities
by Amanda Gillis-Furutaka, Kyoto Sangyo University

The person, the package, the presentation: Lessons from a recent job hunt
by Philip McCasland, Tokai University and Brent Poole, Georgia State University

My Share

The Word of the Day
by John Spiri, Akita International University

Prepositions-of-Location Relay Race
by John Boyle Osaka International University

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