Available Jobs

Part Time English Teacher - Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School (1/31)

Doshisha International Junior/Senior High School is recruiting part time teachers for the 2018 academic year. Situated in the south of Kyoto, the school's diverse mix of returnee and immersion background students offers the chance to work with highly motivated and highly proficient learners.

English Teacher - Conversation School - Matsuyama (2/1)

Full-time English teacher needed for small conversation school

High School English Teacher - Tokyo (3/1)

Teaching English at a High School in the Tokyo Area. Full-time Position with benefits.

University Teaching in Japan! (4/30)

We are seeking highly motivated educators to teach English at universities in Japan. This unique opportunity is for bright teachers eager to enrich their teaching skills while realizing the dream of exploring a foreign country.

Part time English Teacher - Matsudo, Chiba (1/20)

Part time English teacher. Teacher will be team-teaching at an elementary school in Matsudo, Chiba. 5 days a week. 

English as a Foreign Language Instructor, Berkeley House Language Center (3/1)

Teach English to Japanese students including corporate/government office workers, professionals, and full-time students preparing for or attending university. Schedules will typically include a combination of one-to-one, semi-private, and group lessons.

ESL / EFL instructor, Tokyo (3/31)

Teach English 5 days a week, with 25 teaching hours per week, and two consecutive days off. Students: corporate office workers, professionals, and full time students preparing for or attending university. Schedules: a combination of one-to-one, semi-private, and group lessons.

専任教員(助教、准教授、教授)、専門:英語教育、国際基督教大学 教育学・言語教育デパートメント (1/10)


Part-Time Kids’ English Teacher on Sunday Mornings (Wako City, Saitama) (4/30/2018)

Teach 4 small classes of young children of a study group from 9:00 - 12:40 every Sunday morning. Pay: 12,000~15,000/per day depending on experience and qualifications. 

Adjunct Professor of Communication at Lakeland University Japan (5/1)

Teach one or more Communication course, September 3-December 6, 2018

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