Using iBooks Author to produce course material

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Alexander Worth, Osaka Institute of Technology

Tablet technology has become a feature of many educational establishments and there are a number of available programs that allow for the creation of digital classroom material that can be used with this new technology. In this paper the author will discuss his own experience using iBooks Author to create digital handouts for his students for use on their iPads at a Japanese university. The author discusses the process for materials creation including how material is designed from scratch and delivered onto the students’ iPads. The article will also outline the advantages and disadvantages of the application and how it might evolve in the future to suit specific contexts.

タブレットの技術は多くの教育施設で注目されるようになり、タブレットで使用可能な講義の電子資料が作成できるプログラムも多数存在する。本論では、日本の大学でiBooks Authorを使用し、学生向けにiPad用デジタル資料を作成した著者自身の経験を述べる。まず、どのようにして資料を一からデザインし、学生のiPadへ届けるか、その教材製作の過程を論じる。また、このアプリケーションの長所と短所を概略し、将来的にそれぞれ異なる学習用途に合わせて発展する可能性について述べる。