Task repetition and extra-curricular speaking opportunities: Measuring gains in complexity, accuracy, and fluency

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Okon Effiong, Qatar University

This paper reports a study which highlights the effectiveness of task repetition in promoting changes in learners’ interlanguage. Thirty-two randomly chosen third-grade junior high school students of both genders were divided into two groups and presented with an interview task. One group repeated the task four times while the second group did the same task twice over a four-week period. Statistical analysis of transcripts indicated that repetition enabled the learners to show improvement in measures of complexity, and to some extent, accuracy. Similarly, a holistic re-reading of the transcripts corroborated the quantitative result and showed gains in fluency, thereby supporting the argument that repetition can facilitate changes in learners’ language. The findings suggest that task repetition can promote language learning and overall language proficiency.