Dr. Stephen Krashen answers questions on The Comprehension Hypothesis Extended

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Marian Wang, Kobe University


Stephen Krashen is Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Southern California. He is best known for developing the first comprehensive theory of second language acquisition, introducing the concept of sheltered subject matter teaching, and as the co-inventor of the Natural Approach to foreign language teaching. He has also contributed to theory and application in the area of bilingual education, and has done important work in the area of reading. He was the 1977 Incline Bench Press champion of Venice Beach and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is the author of The Power of Reading (2004) and Explorations in Language Acquisition and Use (2003). His recent papers can be found at < www.sdkrashen.com>.

JALT’s Extensive Reading SIG brought Dr. Stephen D. Krashen to the Fifth Annual Extensive Reading in Japan Seminar, and on July 3rd, he spoke to approximately 150 people at Kobe’s International House. Kobe JALT’s Membership Chair prepared a form for participants to write down questions for Dr. Krashen. The following questions received responses and have been modified for brevity and accuracy.