JALT2012 Plenary Speaker article: Technology is for every-one: Take the leap!

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Özge Karaoğlu


Özge Karaoğlu 
Terakki Foundation Schools
The immense and growing change in technology in the last decade has opened up a new door in education, creating new opportunities to learn, collaborate, and connect to each other by exponentially expanding the physical limits of school. This digital revolution has unleashed creativity and new insights with unlimited resources to facilitate language learning. Our newest generation has already demonstrated to us how it has impacted the way they learn, think, and interact, pointing us to learning technologies and their potential uses in and out of our classes. This talk will explore the whys and hows of integrating technology in small steps; making learning fun with web tools that every teacher should know and take advantage of to heighten the learning experience in young learners’ classes. Hang onto your hats because technology is for everyone and we are about to take that leap!