Non-native speaker teachers of English: Challenges and prospects – An interview with George Braine

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Chit Cheung Matthew Sung, Lancaster University



Issues surrounding non-native speakers of English have been gaining a great deal of attention over the last decade in the field of ELT. In this interview, Georg Braine, a leading expert in this area of research, talks about the development of the Nonnative Speaker (NNS) Movement, the challenges that NNS teachers face, and the prospects that hold for NNS teachers. With over 40 years of experience in ELT, he is best known as the founder of the NNS Movement and the founding Chair of the Nonnative Speakers Caucus in the TESOL organization. His website can be found: <>.

ELT分野ではここ10年ほど、英語の非母語話者(NNS)に関する議論が大きな注目を集めている。インタビューでは、この研究分野の第一人者であるGeorg Braineが、非母語話者運動(NNS Movement)の発展、NNS教師が直面する課題や将来への展望について語る。氏はELT分野で40年以上の経験を持ち、TESOL学会のNNS Movementの創始者で、非母語話者部会(Nonnative Speakers Caucus)の創設会長としてよく知られて