An effective way to improve listening skills through shadowing

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Yo Hamada、 Akita University



While improving listening comprehension skills has been one of the most difficult areas for language teachers and learners, shadowing has been playing a sensational role in improving learners’ listening skills in Japan in recent years. Most studies reported the effectiveness of short-term shadowing training in terms of learners’ listening skill improvement. However, how teachers can improve the skills effectively has not been fully examined. In order to explore a more effective procedure for teaching through shadowing, this study examined the shadowing procedure as a method of teaching listening. The research question was to determine whether the use of a combination of two levels of materials for shadowing improves learners’ listening comprehension skills better than materials of similar difficulty levels. The results show that a combination of the two different difficulties of materials improves learners’ listening comprehension skills more than offering materials at only one level of difficulty.