Writing Instructor Position at Language Center of Toyo University, Tokyo (7/12)

Job details: 

Type of Employment: Contract-based English writing instructor

Status: Part-time contract-based Staff

Number of positions: 1

Affiliation: International Affairs Section, International Affairs Office, Toyo University

Primary job description:
(1)English writing instructor at Toyo University campuses (Hakusan, Kawagoe, Asaka, Itakura and Aabanedai).
①Provide personalized academic writing instruction and editorial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students.
②Plan and teach short-term intensive courses for specific purposes including, but not limited to, thesis summaries, and study abroad application essays.
③Provide assistance on IELTS, TOEFL iBT writing sections.
④Provide instruction and assistance to resume and business letter writing.
⑤Help students prepare for study abroad and job hunting interviews
(2)Administrative work related to the Language Center.
(3)Attend weekly staff meetings and designated school events.

Working days:5 days per week (Monday-Friday), 10:00-18:00, plus Saturdays and national holidays when both additional Language Center programs and regular university classes are held. If required to work on a Saturdays or holiday, paid vacation may be taken on a weekday when there are no classes.

(1)Must be a native speaker of Japanese or native-speaker equivalent who can teach both in Japanese and English.
(2)(For non-Japanese) Must hold proper visa.
(3)Must have a Bachelor’s degree (Degrees in English composition or EFL with specialization in teaching expository writing and academic essay writing preferred.)
(4)TESL/TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification required.
(5)Must have experience teaching IELTS and TOEFL iBT.
(6)Must have excellent writing and editing skills.
(7)Must have experience teaching English to Japanese high school students, university students or adults.
(8)Possess basic computer skills and literacy.
(9)Must currently reside within an easy commute to central Tokyo.

Starting Date: September 1, 2018

Teaching location: Toyo University, Hakusan Campus, Bunkyo-ku 5-28-20, Tokyo (plus up to one or two days/week at one of Toyo University’s satellite campuses)

Contract: One-year contract subject to annual renewal up to two times (for a total of three years) if Toyo University acknowledges the need to do so and the instructor’s performance is highly evaluated. Depending on work performance, the contract may be extended annually for up to an additional two years (for a maximum total of five years). Please note that if the candidate was employed by Toyo University within six months prior to the starting date (September 1, 2018), his/her total contract period may be shortened.

Monthly salary: JPY 336,000 (pre-tax). Overtime allowance and transportation allowance for commuting to be covered separately with amount depending on location of residence. No retirement allowance provided. Paid holidays provided.

1. Documents to be submitted
(1) CV/resume with photo (Please go to the URL below, fill in the required information and print out the form) *Either Japanese or English is acceptable.
(2) Copies of post-secondary degrees (pdf)
(3) Proof of relevant certification(s)
(4) University/graduate school transcripts
(5) One letter of recommendation
(6) Writing sample: Copy of your teaching philosophy in 1,000 to 1,500 words in English.

2. How to Apply 
(1) Go to the URL below and click on the job announcement for the Language Center Instructor. On the job application page, fill in the required information for CV. You can print it out when you reach the final page.
(2) Mail it with the other required documents specified above to the address below:

3. Submission of application materials
Language Center instructor hiring team, Center for Global Education and Exchange, Toyo University
5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8606

4. Application deadline: July 12, 2018 (All materials must arrive by this date)

5. Inquiry
Toyo University Language Center

Thu, 2018-07-12
Contact details: 
Language Center instructor hiring team, Center for Global Education and Exchange, Toyo University 5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8606

Elementary Teacher, Hope International Academy Okinawa (7/18)

Teach in Beautiful Okinawa

Job details: 

Seeking teachers, who are innovative, team orientated and possess leadership qualities. Applicants must be certified/licensed Native English Proficient and have 3 years’ experience. IB experience is helpful but not necessary.

Wed, 2018-07-18
Contact details:

准教授又は助教 (8/31)


Job details: 

(1) 当該またはその関連分野で修士号以上の学位を有する者、またはこれと同等以上の能力があると認められる者
(2) 当該およびその関連分野に関して十分な業績を有する者(ビジネス分野で実務経験があることが望ましい)
(3) 「英語リーディング」「アクティブ・イングリッシュ」「英語ライティング研究」などの共通教育英語科目および「旅行英語」「時事英語」「ビジネス英語」などの主専攻英語科目を担当可能な者(日商ビジネス英語検定試験(または貿易実務検定試験)および観光英語検定試験の受験対策指導ができることが望ましい)
(4) 教育・研究・大学運営・社会貢献に積極的に取り組むことができる者
(5) 採用後は、広島市内またはその近郊に居住できる者
応募締切:2018年8月31日(金)午後5時 必着
(1) 履歴書(写真貼付、所属学会明記、別紙様式)
(2) 教育研究業績一覧(主たる業績3点を明示、別紙様式)
(3) 著書、論文等(主たる業績3点について現物、抜粋またはコピー)
(4) 学位取得証明書
(5) 教育に関する考え(別紙様式)
(6) これまでの研究概要と今後の研究計画について(別紙様式)
(7) 「国際ビジネスコミュニケーション」、学部1年次生を対象とした「英語リスニング」(TOEIC Bridge 128以下)に関する講義計画の概要(90分×16回分(試験を含む))(別紙様式)
選考方法:1次審査 書類・業績審査(応募者全員対象)
  2次審査 面接(模擬講義を含む 1次審査通過者のみ)
(1) 給与    本学園給与規定による
(2) 本学の定年 67才
(3) 福利厚生  年金・健康保険(私学事業団)、雇用保険、労災保険、財形貯蓄制度等の福利厚生制度あり
(4) 休日等   日・祝日、年末年始、創立記念日(11月4日) 、年次有給休暇、特別休暇(夏季休暇等)
〒 731-3195 広島市安佐南区大塚東一丁目1番1号
広島修道大学 人事課気付  学長 三上 貴教 宛
*応募書類は簡易書留とし、封筒に「商学部 国際ビジネスコミュニケーション、英語リスニング教員応募」と朱書してください。
広島修道大学  総務部 人事課 TEL 082-830-1105(直通)  FAX 082-830-1325 

Fri, 2018-08-31
Contact details: 
〒731-3195 広島市安佐南区大塚東1丁目1番1号  広島修道大学 人事課気付 学長 三上 貴教 宛 *応募書類は簡易書留とし、封筒に「商学部 国際ビジネスコミュニケーション、英語リスニング教員応募」と朱書してください。 *別紙様式は下記添付書類からダウンロードしてください。 *応募書類は採用選考にのみ使用し、それ以外の目的には一切使用いたしません。

桃山学院大学 (外国語教育センター/英語担当) 大阪/ Momoyama Gakuin University (Language Center, English classes) Osaka (9/6)

共通教育機構契約教員(外国語教育センター英語科目)若干名・任期付/ Contract Instructor of General Education Organization (Language Center English classes) Several positions available・term-limited contract

Job details: 

(1) 次のいずれかに該当する者とする。
①Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL)等の英語教育に関する課程の修士号を取得し、英語教育の能力を有する者
(2) 語学学校、高等学校または大学等の高等教育機関で、通算して3年以上の英語の教育歴を有する者とする。英語で4技能を教えることができること。
(3) 日本語を母語としない者は、日本語能力試験N2程度のコミュニケーション能力を有することが望ましい。
(1) 共通教育科目英語(各学期10コマ+長期休暇中所定期間内の集中講座)の担当及びそれに関わる業務
(2) 英語教育に関するカリキュラムの企画、開発、運営、その他付随業務
(3) 学生指導(オフィスアワー週2コマ・英語力の向上に資する課外プログラムの企画、実施)
(4) 入試・広報業務、英語書類の校閲等
(5) その他、共通教育機構長または外国語教育センター長の指示に基づく業務
(1) 給与:本俸 [1年目 月額33万円(税込)、2年目 月額37万円(税込)、3年目 月額41万円(税込)、
4年目 月額45万円(税込)]、通勤手当(本学規程による)、住宅手当(本学規程による)、
        2年目年額5,551,000円( 〃 )
        3年目年額6,111,000円( 〃 )
        4年目年額6,671,000円( 〃 )
(2) 安全衛生・福利厚生:私学共済(年金・健康保険)、介護保険、雇用保険、労働者災害補償保険
(3) 個人デスク、PCあり。
(1) 履歴書(写真貼付) <様式1> ※手書き不可。 
(2) 研究業績および概要(3点以内)<様式2>  
また、概要は、それぞれ400字程度でまとめること、英語で記述する場合にはそれぞれ200 words程度とする。
(3) 課題レポート
(4) 応募者について問い合わせをすることが可能な方2名の名前、所属および連絡先(住所、E-Mailアドレス、電話番号)、応募者との関係を記入すること。 <様式3> 
(5) 日本語を母語としない方で、応募資格(3)を所持する場合はそれを証明する資料を提出すること。
※ 様式1・2・3は本学所定のものとする。所定様式は以下の大学のホームページからダウンロードして使用のこと。 
※ その他、選考の過程で必要な書類を提出していただくことがあります。
※ 書類選考を通過した方については、面接時までに、下記についてご提出いただきます。書類選考を通過した方については、9月下旬に通知いたします。
① 大学入学以降の学歴に係わるすべての証明書
② 主要論文のコピー(3点以内)ただし上記 (2)で概要を提出したもの
2018年9月6日(木)※ 郵送必着
※ 選考時の交通費等の支給はいたしませんので、あらかじめ御了承ください。
※ 募集期間中の土日および学院の一斉休暇期間中<2018年8月13日(月) ~ 8月17日(金)>のお問い合わせにはお応えできませんのでご了承ください。

(1) One of the following
- Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or equivalent
- Master’s degree in a subject other than TESOL, together with demonstrated skills and knowledge in the area of English teaching
- (In the case of exceptional candidates) a bachelor’s degree and substantial experience of teaching English in secondary or higher educational institutions
(2) Three or more years’ experience of teaching in universities, high schools, or private English schools, and the ability to teach, in English, all four macro-skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing
(3) For candidates whose first language is not Japanese, proficiency in Japanese equivalent to JLPT level N2 is preferable.
(1) Teach General Education English courses (10 classes per week and intensive classes during university vacations) and carry out other duties associated with those classes.
(2) Plan, develop and manage curricula for English courses and carry out other duties associated with those courses.
(3) Provide 2 office hours of study guidance for students each week, and plan and carry out extracurricular programs.
(4) Engage in other duties such as publicity for university admission, proofreading English documents etc.
(5) Carry out other educational tasks as required by the General Education Organization Director and/ or the Language Center Director.
■Working hours
5 days per week, 35 hours per week (actual working hours)
■Place of work
1-1 Manabi-no, Izumi-shi, Osaka
Full time (term-limited contract)
Contracts are for one year, and may be renewed three times (i.e. for a maximum of four years) by taking into account the necessity of courses to be taught, the performance of duties, professional attitude, health, etc.
■Salary and conditions
(1) Salary: [1st year 330,000 yen/month before tax; 2nd year 370,000 yen/month before tax; 3rd year 410,000 yen/month before tax; 4th year 450,000 yen/month before tax] , commuting allowance, and housing allowance[in line with university policy], end-of-year bonus of 2 months’ basic salary and housing allowance;
*example of annual sum from previous year (salary + bonus +other allowances before tax)
1st year 4,991,000yen     2nd year 5,551,000yen
3rd year 6,111,000yen     4th year 6,671,000yen
(2) Health and welfare: membership of Private Schools Mutual Aid (pension and health insurance), nursing care insurance, employment insurance, and workers accident compensation insurance
(3) A computer and a desk are provided for each teacher.
■Application materials
(1) Curriculum vitae in Japanese using the university’s pro-forma (様式 1) 
*handwritten application will not be accepted
(2) List of up to three academic publications, with a summary of each (様式 2) 
Only TESOL publications or those closely related to TESOL will be accepted.
Summaries may be in Japanese (around 400 字) or English (around 200 words)
(3) Application essay
See the attached document. (資料1) 
(4) Names and contact details* of two references (様式 3)  
*Include the mailing address, phone number, email address, and relationship to the applicant of each reference.
(5) Certificates to prove your Japanese language proficiency, if you have any. (Applicable only to candidates whose first language is not Japanese)

 Application pack (様式 1, 2, 3, 資料1) can be downloaded from the university website (
 You may be asked to submit additional documents if it is deemed necessary.
 Shortlisted candidates will be informed in late September and required to submit the following before the interview:
- degree diplomas/ certificates
- copies of the academic publications listed in (2).
■Closing date for applications
Applications must arrive no later than Thursday, 6th September, 2018.
■Selection procedure
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview on Saturday, 6th October.
All applicants will be advised of the result by early December.
*Travel expenses incurred by interviewees will not be reimbursed.
If you have any questions, feel free to write to .
*Note that the university is closed on weekends and during the period 13th to 17th August.

Thu, 2018-09-06
Contact details: 
●応募書類提出先 〒594-1198 大阪府和泉市まなび野1-1 桃山学院大学 外国語教育センター宛 応募書類は書留等の配達記録が残る方法で郵送してください。なお、封筒には「共通教育機構契約教員応募書類在中」と朱書してください。 また、応募書類は返却いたしません。 ●備考 応募書類に含まれる個人情報は、選考および採用以外の目的には使用いたしません。 応募された方には、後日、兼任講師の件でご連絡を差し上げる場合がございます。あらかじめご承知おきください。 ■Address for applications 594-1198 Language Center, Momoyama Gakuin University, 1-1 Manabi-no, Izumi-shi, Osaka Applications should be sent by recorded delivery. Please mark the envelope in red, “Contract Instructor application”. Materials will not be returned. ■Confidentiality Personal information included in application materials will not be used for any purpose other than selection and employment. Candidates who are not selected may be contacted at a later date, in relation to part-time positions.

Business Interpretation Instructor, TES College, Tokyo (8/10)

Part-time teacher of English/Japanese interpretation to junior college students of various nationalities

Job details: 

We are seeking a part-time interpretation teacher of native Japanese-level proficiency and near-native or native English-level proficiency to instruct four small classes (6-10 students) Mondays and Fridays 10:40-12:10 and 13:20-14:50 (6 hours/week) Oct. 1, 2018-Feb. 8, 2019. Qualifications include a college degree, teaching experience, curriculum development experience, and preferably time spent abroad. Duties include teaching, choosing appropriate classroom materials, and grading. Payment ranges from ¥3,100-3,400/hour. Candidates can submit a resume in English (and Japanese: optional), a brief cover letter in English, and 1-2 letters of recommendation (in English or Japanese) to Thom Burns (Head Teacher TES College) via or via post to: 〒101-0032 千代田区岩本町1-8-1 東京英語専門学校 トムバーンズ 
No telephone calls please. Interviews will be conducted in early August.

Fri, 2018-08-10
Contact details: 
Via email to Thom Burns Head Teacher TES College <> or via post to: 〒101-0032 千代田区岩本町1-8-1 東京英語専門学校 トムバーンズ 

English lecturer, associate professor, or professor, Hakuoh University, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture (8/31)


Job details: 

Full-time English Lecturer
PhD or MA degree in English Education or Applied Linguistics with a minimum of three publications written within the past five years
English teaching experience at a university or a research level institute
Highly motivated person to fulfill university related duties such as Open Campus, test proctoring, license renewal seminars, and academic research

Fri, 2018-08-31
Contact details: 
Application period: From July 1, 2018 to August 31, 2018 (received by August 31, 2018) Application documents: (1) Curriculum Vitae (with ID photo and contact details including postal and email addresses) (2) Photocopies of your university / MA / Ph. D diplomas (3) A list of your academic research achievements (publications, research papers, etc.) (4) Three major publications written within the past five years (offprints or photocopies) with (free form) summaries (5) A written (free form) statement outlining your philosophy of university education, academic research interests, and achievements guiding students (6) Japanese Language Proficiency Test Certificate, if available *All application materials should be submitted by registered postal mail. Please write “Application for full-time English teaching position in the Faculty of Education enclosed” on the front of the envelope in red and send to: Shoichi Koizumi, Dean of the Faculty of Education at Hakuoh University, 1117 Daigyoji, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 〒323-8585 *For further information, contact by telephone or in writing to: Management Planning Division of Hakuoh University, 1117 Daigyoji, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 〒323-8585 (Tel: 0285-26-2511 Fax: 0285-22-0800)

University Teaching in Japan! - Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and Aichi (9/19)

We are seeking highly motivated educators to teach English at universities in Japan.

Job details: 

We are now recruiting instructors for the Fall 2018 term.


We are seeking highly motivated educators to teach English at universities in Japan. This unique opportunity is for bright teachers eager to enrich their teaching skills while realizing the dream of exploring a foreign country.

- University graduate with a bachelor's and/or more advanced degree, plus one of the following:
a) experience teaching EFL/ESL in a classroom environment, along with a teaching certificate (TEFL/TESL/TESOL) and/or teaching credentials or qualifications (elementary/primary/secondary)
b) 1000+ hours of EFL/ESL classroom teaching experience in lieu of teaching certificates, credentials or qualifications
* No Japanese language ability is required.

- Spring Term
Extra-Curricular Courses: late April/early May to late July (approx. 3 months)
Accredited Courses: late March/early April to late July (approx. 3-5 months)

- Fall Term
Extra-Curricular Courses: mid-/late September to late December (approx. 3 months)
Accredited Courses: early/mid- September to late December/late January (approx. 3-5 months)

Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and Aichi

- Approximately 260,000 yen per month for instructors with a teaching certificate or qualification, but less than 499 hours of actual classroom teaching experience
- Approximately 275,000 yen per month or more for instructors with a teaching certificate or qualification who have 500+ hours of actual classroom teaching experience
- Approximately 275,000 yen per month or more for instructors who have 1000+ hours of actual classroom teaching experience in lieu of teaching qualifications
*Note: Compensation is based on an hourly rate of pay. Exact monthly earnings fluctuate but over the course of a contract period average out to the figures listed above.

- HOUSING is provided. We can arrange a furnished single apartment with a rental fee of 81,000 yen per month (utilities and maintenance fees included).
- FLIGHT REIMBURSEMENT of up to 1200 USD is offered for those coming from overseas.
- RENEWABLE contract.

**** ATTENTION ****
We are also looking for candidates with the following background and experience:
- Master's degree or higher
- Total 3 years’ experience (6 or more terms/semesters) in teaching at university/community college (all subjects)

Westgate aims to shape the future of English education in Japan. We have been providing conversation-based practical English lessons since 1983 and hire over 400 instructors every year. Generations of Japanese students have developed their communicative English skills and cultural awareness on our programs. As well as helping to shape the direction of our students’ lives and careers, we have also been a gateway to career development for countless English instructors around the world.
Find out more about Westgate at

Please visit our website and fill out the online application form. We will contact you by email shortly after you have completed the form. You can also find more information about our programs and policies on our website.

Wed, 2018-09-19
Contact details:

full-time, tenured faculty position, Kanagawa University (7/30)

Job details: 

We seek applicants from the field of Media Studies whose research interests focus on relationships between Media and Language. Teaching responsibilities will include courses entitled “Introduction to Language and Media,” “Language and Social Media,” and “Media Linguistics.” Additional teaching responsibilities may include courses in English, and other courses offered in the Faculty of Global and Japanese Studies (tentative English name) and the university (e.g., First Year Seminar, Basic Seminar). Preference will be given to candidates who have completed their PhD by the time of appointment, or who can show evidence of equivalent research accomplishments. Native, or near native fluency in English is preferred. In addition, all candidates must possess Japanese language ability sufficient for work at an academic institution in Japan. For a detailed list of materials to be submitted when applying, the address to which applications should be sent, and further information regarding the position, please view the announcement at (English follows Japanese).Salary is competitive; precise salary level, which is linked to appointee experience, will be determined according to university guidelines. In accordance with common practice at Japanese institutions, all ranks for this open-rank position can be understood as tenured.

Mon, 2018-07-30
Contact details: 
Please view the announcement at (English follows Japanese). Materials must arrive by July 30th, 2018. Results of the search will be communicated by the middle of October, 2018.

ドイツ語講師、ハッピー・サイエンス・ユニバーシティ、千葉 (9/1)


Job details: 






Sat, 2018-09-01
Contact details: 
〒299-4325 千葉県長生郡長生村一松字中瀬丙4427番1 Happy Science University (千葉キャンパス)国際交流室

Part-time French and Math Teacher at an all girls Senior High School (8/3)

Job details:
Teach French and Math in English
maximum of 3 to 4 lessons in a week.
Follow textbook provided.

Job details: 

Minimum one year teaching experience in Japan required
Must have valid work or student visa, sponsorship not available.
Must be a college graduate.
Must be fluent in English, intermediate in French
Must be cooperative with other instructors
Must be sociable and friendly.
PC skills required
Japanese language skill a plus but not required.
TEFL or teaching certification a plus but not required.

French 5000 yen / lesson, Math 4000 yen / lesson
Benefit: Transportation expense reimbursed
Contract type: Yearly renewable contract
Start: September 2018

Fri, 2018-08-03
Contact details:
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