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Hourly-Paid Teacher of IELTS and FCE/CAE/CPE Classes (6/12)

British Council Tokyo is seeking CELTA , Cert. (TESOL), DELTA or Dip.

Job details: 

British Council Tokyo is recruiting experienced exam-class teachers for hourly-paid classes for Sunday of each week. You need to have an undergraduate degree (any discipline), be qualified to at least EFL Certificate level or Diploma level (i.e. CELTA/Cert (TESOL) or DELTA/Dip (TESOL) or equivalent) and have two or more years of teaching experience (including IELTS preparation courses and preferably FCE/CAE/CPE courses). The posts involve up to 6 hours of teaching exam preparation classes on Sunday each week. Experience in delivering the types of classes named is essential.

Mon, 2017-06-12
Contact details: 
Please visit the following page on the British Council's global recruitment website for further information and to make an application:

Cambridge English Speaking Examiner Training, Kawaijuku Examination Centre of Cambridge English (JP026), Kanto (7/7)

Kawaijuku Examination Centre of Cambridge English (JP026) seeks experienced professionals for a free Speaking Examiners training for PET/KET to work with us as a Speaking Examiner 

Job details: 

A one-day Training, followed by a half-day Certification session to enable experienced and qualified teachers to become Speaking Examiners (SEs). This workshop will cover the speaking tests for two levels of Cambridge English; KET (A2), PET (B1). The training and certification are free but the travel and accommodation cost should be covered by applicants. (Please consult with us if you live within 1 hour travel time from Sendai though travelling by Shinkansen does not apply.)
[Training] Saturday, 22nd July, (one day)
[Certification] Sunday morning, 23rd July, (a half day)
Location:   Ikebukuro, Tokyo
NB. This is a part time position and you will be paid by work basis and a valid visa is required

Minimum Professional Requirements:
All SEs must meet the minimum professional requirements (MPRs) of the role.
- Professional background
• Education to first degree level or equivalent
• A recognised language teaching qualification
• Proof of substantial, relevant, recent teaching experience, equivalent to at least 1800 hours
NB. An applicant can be exempt either from the formal teaching qualification or from the first degree/equivalent requirement (but not both) if they have considerable relevant teaching experience. References to support this experience may be requested.
- English language competency
In order to examine effectively, SEs must be able to demonstrate:
• Overall language proficiency, including linguistic accuracy, relevant to the examination level (for PET/KET the prospective SE must have C1 level)

Overview of the recruitment process for new Speaking Examiners:
In order to become a Cambridge English SE, an applicant must successfully complete the following stages of recruitment process:
1. Application form approval
Application forms are assessed against the Minimum Professional Requirements. Those who do not meet the minimum requirements cannot be accepted.
2. Interview by telephone
The Centre Exam Manager and the Team Leader (TL) interview the applicants and, where needed, the TL conducts a language proficiency check.
3. Induction
The applicants work through the self-access online induction materials, which cover the responsibilities of being a Speaking Examiner and the format and levels of the tests.
4. Training
Training is conducted by the TL and covers how to rate and deliver the Speaking test. The TL assesses the applicants during session to ensure they meet the requirements for a SE.
5. Certification
The applicants must complete certification for each exam level they will examine and their performance must be certified by the TL to become a SE.
6. Approval by Cambridge English
Cambridge English may reject any nomination which does not clearly meet the requirements, and their decision is final.

Fri, 2017-07-07
Contact details: 
For more information and application forms please contact on: Kawaijuku Examination Centre of Cambridge English 608, 6F Ikebukuro Park Building, 2-49-7 Minami-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0022

EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Instructor, Lakeland University Japan, Shinjuku campus (2 positions available) (6/30)

Lakeland University Japan is seeking two EAP Instructors to teach intensive skills-based English language classes, preparing students to pursue an American academic degree.

Job details: 

Lakeland University Japan is seeking two EAP Instructors to teach intensive skills-based English language classes, preparing students to pursue an American academic degree.


Starting dates:
A) Summer start: May 29, 2017
B) Fall start: September 4, 2017

A) Summer start position: Morning schedule (three 85-minute classes per day, plus office hours, Mon-Fri)
B) Fall start position: Morning or afternoon schedule possible (three 85-minute classes per day, plus office hours, Mon-Fri)

Master’s degree in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, or related field; experience teaching EAP, EFL, or ESL preferred; applicant must reside in Japan and have valid visa

Starting at JPY360,000 per month plus transportation

Application deadline:
Until positions are filled

To apply, send CV and cover letter to:
Lia Sergio, EAP Coordinator:

Fri, 2017-06-30
Contact details: 
Lia Sergio, EAP Coordinator:

助教(3年任期) ただし、就任2年目の1月までに期間の定めのない専任教員として再契約を申し込むことができる。その際は改めて業績等の審査を行う。(8/31)


Job details: 

採用職名: 助教(3年任期) ただし、就任2年目の1月までに期間の定めのない専任教員として再契約を申し込むことができる。その際は改めて業績等の審査を行う。
採 用 人 員: 1名
応 募 資 格: (1)英語を第一言語とする者、あるいはそれと同等の英語運用能力を持つ者(学内業務の遂行に十分な日本語能力を有する者、日本語能力試験N1レベルあるいは1級の資格を有する者、またはそれに準ずる日本語能力を有する者が望ましい)
採用時期: 2018年4月1日
応募締切: 2017年8月31日(木)必着
(6)学部1年次生を対象とした「英語リスニング」(TOEIC Bridge 128以下;半期15回分)の講義計画書(別紙様式)
(7)自己紹介及び英語教育についての抱負を5分間吹き込んだ英語による音声ファイル(mp3, wav形式)を保存したCD, DVD, USBメモリ
選考方法: 1次審査 書類・業績審査(応募者全員対象)
     2次審査 面接(模擬講義を含む、1次審査通過者のみ)
待  遇  等:(1)給   与  本学園給与規程による
             (2)本学の定年  67才
(3) 各種保険 社会保険、雇用保険、労災保険あり
   書類提出先: 〒 731-3195 広島市安佐南区大塚東一丁目1番1号
               広島修道大学 人事課気付  商学部長 宛
* 応募書類は簡易書留とし、封筒に「英語 教員応募」と朱書してください。
* 別紙様式(日本語のみ)は、下記の本学またはJ-RECINのページからダウンロードできます。
* 応募書類は採用選考のみ使用し、それ以外の目的には一切使用いたしません。
   問い合せ先: 広島修道大学  人事課 TEL 082-830-1105(直通)  FAX 082-830-1325
   なお、本公募は本学ホームページ 、 研究者人材データベース J-RECIN にも掲載しています。

Thu, 2017-08-31
Contact details: 
〒 731-3195 広島市安佐南区大塚東一丁目1番1号 広島修道大学 人事課気付  商学部長 宛 *応募書類は簡易書留とし、封筒に「英語 教員応募」と朱書してください。

Full-time English Assistant Professor, Hiroshima Shudo University, Hiroshima City (8/31)

Major Subjects: “English Listening” and “English Reading”

Job details: 

Position Announcement (English)

Number of positions to be filled: 1 (starting April, 2018)
Deadline for Application: Thursday, August 31, 2017
Name of Institution: Hiroshima Shudo University
Faculty: Commercial Sciences

Major Subjects: “English Listening” and “English Reading”
Job Title: Assistant Professor
(This position will be for a three-year term, and will be renewed as a tenure position in the third year of employment upon successful review.)

(1) A person whose first language is English or who has the equivalent proficiency in English (JLPT N1 level or equivalent Japanese proficiency is desirable)
(2) MA/MEd/MSc or higher degree in ESL/EFL or a closely related field
(3) Sufficient academic work or publications in ESL/EFL or related fields
(4) Ability to teach English subjects including “Active English” and “English Writing Studies”, and major subjects including “Discussion in English”, “Current English” and “Business English”
(5) Knowledge of and experience teaching topics in commercial sciences, business administration or related fields are preferable.
(6) Zeal for education and active involvement in on-campus and faculty-wide duties
(7) Willingness to live in the Hiroshima area

Application Materials Requested:
(1) CV with a recent photograph (Download form)
(2) List of publications indicating three main publications (Download form)
(3) Copies of the three main publications
(4) Copies of BA and MA/MEd/MSc certificates
(5) Some personal views on teaching methodology (Download form)
(6) Sample outline describing 15 lessons for a 1st year required “English Listening” course for students whose TOEIC Bridge score is 128 or below (Download form)
(7) A five-minute recording in English of the applicant’s self-introduction and
views on teaching English, submitted as an audio file (in mp3 or wav format) on a CD, DVD, or USB memory stick
The successful candidate will be asked for a recent health certificate.

Selection Process:
After screening, selected candidates will be invited to come to HSU for an interview and to give a demonstration lesson.

As set by the Rules and Regulations of Hiroshima Shudo University

Application materials must arrive at the following address by registered mail no later than the deadline. After screening, they will be returned to the applicant along with a notification of results.
Dean of Faculty of Commercial Sciences, Hiroshima Shudo University,
1-1-1, Ozuka-higashi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima, 731-3195, JAPAN
(Please write “English Position” in red on the envelope.)

Contact Office (in case of queries):
Personnel Affairs Office, Hiroshima Shudo University
Tel: (082) 830-1325  E-mail:  
The forms can be downloaded from or http://jrecin.jst.

Thu, 2017-08-31
Contact details: 
Application materials to be received not later than September 6, 2016 by Dr. Taichi Ichikawa, President, Hiroshima Shudo University, 1-1-1, Ozuka-Higashi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima, 731-3195, JAPAN

Full-time, tenured position of Associate Professor or Lecturer of English Communication, Meiji University (6/27)

Successful candidates will be expected to teach classes such as English Communication, English Phonetics, English Culture and History and other related classes.

Job details: 

a. A doctoral degree in English education, English language or a related discipline, or an equivalent academic qualification.
b. Experience in teaching English language at the university or junior college level.
c. L1 speaker of English or a similar level of proficiency in English.
d. Advanced level of Japanese language proficiency to be able to perform all the administrative and educational duties.
e. Passion and commitment to English education and capacity to teach English language classes and academic English.

Tue, 2017-06-27
Contact details: 
As to detailed qualifications, application materials, selection process, salary, obligations, submission address, etc., please refer to: Meiji University website:

講師ないし准教授 (6/16)

Job details: 

(i) 博士後期課程を修了していること、または同課程を満期退学や単位取得退学していること。
(ii) 大学や高等学校などの正規教育機関で1年以上の教育歴を持つこと。
(iii) 英語を使った英語授業の運営ができる十分な語学力を持つこと。
(iv) 様々な学内業務に参画できる十分な日本語能力を持つこと(日本語能力試験(JLPT)のN2レベル以上相当の語学力が望ましい)。
(i) 略歴書(学歴、研究歴、教育歴、留学歴、生年月日、連絡先(Eメールアドレス及び電話番号)など)、A4判(片面のみ使用)で2枚以内、1部。語学力を公的に証明する各種検定試験の成績や、各種助成金などを使用した英語教育に関する研究開発プロジェクトへの参加・主催の経験、あるいはカリキュラム運営や学生の海外引率などの各種学内業務の経験などについても、出来る限り詳しく記すこと。(様式自由)
(ii) 業績書をA4判(片面のみ使用)2枚以内、1部。(様式自由)
(iii) 英語教育の実践報告(授業活動や指導法、授業評価など)の文章をA4判(片面のみ使用)4枚以内、1部。例えばこれまで大学などで担当した英
(iv) 論文業績を1点、同じものを3部。抜刷やコピーでかまわない。(博士論文の場合には数章を抜粋したものを1点とみなす。)過去5年以内に発表したもので、査読済のものであること、また自分の研究の方向性や特徴がよく表われたものであることが、望ましい。内容は英語教育に関するものでなくてもよい。
(v) (iv)で提出する論文の梗概(synopsis)をA4判(片面のみ使用)1枚以内、1部。論文が日本語で書かれている場合には英語で、英語で書かれている場合には日本語で作成すること。(様式自由)


駒澤大学 総合教育研究部 外国語第一部門 人事委員会
(i) 応募書類や応募方法に不備のある場合は審査対象としません。
(ii) 提出書類は原則として返却しません。
(iii) 応募時に提出された個人情報は、選考の目的以外に使用しません。
(iv) 応募書類に記載された事項についての確認などのためにご来校を願う場合があります。

Fri, 2017-06-16
Contact details: 
〒154-8525 東京都世田谷区駒沢1-23-1 駒澤大学第一研究館 外国語部門事務室 (封書表面に「平成29年度英語(総合)専任教員応募書類在中」と朱書きし、必ず「一般書留」ないし「簡易書留」郵便で送付すること。)

Become an IELTS Examiner with JSAF (Hiroshima and Okayama) (5/31)

Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF) is recruiting experienced English language teachers to train to be IELTS examiners in Hiroshima and Okayama.

Job details: 

Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF) is recruiting experienced English language teachers to train to be IELTS examiners in Hiroshima and Okayama.
Applicants are required to meet IELTS Examiner Minimum Professional Requirements (MPRs).

Please provide the required information and attach your updated CV. (Please send the documents by email.) Only shortlisted candidates for IELTS Examiner training will be notified by an email from JSAF.
Please note that this is not a full-time position. It is a part time paid by per work basis.
-First Name (required)
-Last Name (required)
-Country (required)
-E-mail address (required)
-Telephone/Cell number (required)
-Year of teaching experience (required)
-Send your CV (required)

Wed, 2017-05-31
Contact details: 
Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF) IELTS Official Test Centre Mitsui Seimei Bldg. 5F, 1-4-15, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169-0075 JAPAN TEL 03-6273-9356 FAX 03-6273-9357 E-mail

Part-time English instructor, Tokai University (6/2)

The International Education Center of Tokai University, Shonan Campus is seeking applicants for several part-time, English teaching instructors from September 2017.  

Job details: 

Position: Renewable annually. Duties: Usually teach two to three 90-minute lessons twice a week (Mon/Thu or Tue/Fri), including required reading and writing, and listening and speaking courses, and other English classes as necessary. Also, teachers are expected to proctor final common exams on one day each semester. Salary & Benefits: Salary dependent on applicant’s qualifications and past experience; transportation allowance provided. Requirements: BA (required) and MA (preferred) in TEFL, TESL, TESOL, Applied Linguistics or related area; native-level English proficiency; at least 2 years of teaching experience at the college / university level; previous publications in TEFL, TESL, TESOL, Linguistics or a related field preferred; Japanese ability preferred but not required. Applicants must have a valid visa. Applicants must also reside within Japan within 75 kilometers of campus. Application Materials: CV / resume, diploma(s), letter of introduction/cover letter detailing availability Mon/Thu or Tue/Fri, photo, teaching certification, transcripts, names of 2 referees (letters of reference will be required of candidates invited for interview), photocopies of first page of passport and visa page, copy of residence certificate. Deadline: June 2, 2017. Contact: Application materials must be sent by postal mail and will NOT be returned. Send application materials to: “IEC Hiring Committee", Tokai University, 4-1-1 Kitakaname, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 259-1292. Enquiries: For questions, you may contact Charles Kowalski, Vice-Chair, English Language Section, International Education Center, Tokai University Shonan Campus: Tel: 0463-58-1211, ext. 4579. Fax: 0463-59-5365. Website: (university page); (IEC page).

Fri, 2017-06-02
Contact details: 
IEC Hiring Committee, Tokai University, 4-1-1 Kitakaname, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 259-1292.

Full-time preschool teacher in Saitama / Kanto area (5/19)

Full-time Preschool English teacher in Saitama / Kanto area 

Job details: 

"WING Inc. is looking for some candidates who have strong passion in early childhood education and willing to adapt a particular teaching philosophy and method. And candidates who is very flexible to teach from preschool to adults at least up to Elementary students.

Job description: You will have a maximum of 20 English lessons in a week. The lesson should be followed by a particular teaching method and a curriculum with provided materials.

Position: English teacher
Work place: Preschool / Kindergarten / Elementary school (The main workplace will be at the Kindergarten)

Duties: You will have two (3) types of work duties for this position.
1. Teaching at Kindergarten in Saitama (near Yashio station) with provided curriculum and materials (this school will be your main workplace)
2. Teaching at Kindergarten in Saitama every Wednesday morning (near Toyoharu station) -freestyle lesson
3. Substituting at our client schools (Kanto area) with a request basis. This is what we call “On-call duties”

What is “On-call duties”?
You will stay at home and standby for our request. If you received a request from WING you will go to the requested school for teaching. However, you will not receive a request every Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Friday. Frequency of its request is about 5 days a month. You will receive a request at least 1 day prior notice before your “on-call” day.

Work schedule:
①Monday AM = On-call duty (substituting: work time and location are depending on a request from a school)
Monday PM = 2:00pm to 5:00pm (teaching at the main workplace)
②Tuesdays all day = On-call duty (substituting: work time and location are depending on a request from a school)
③Wednesday AM = Teaching freestyle lesson at a Kindergarten near Toyoharu station.
Wednesday PM = 2:00pm to 5:00pm (teaching at the main workplace)
④Thursday all day = On-call duty (substituting: work time and location are depending on a request from a school)
⑤Friday AM= On-call duty (substituting: work time and location are depending on a request from a school)
⑥Friday PM = 2:00pm to 5:00pm (teaching at the main workplace)

Holidays: weekends, public holidays, seasonal vacation (summer, winter and spring)

Salary: starting from 230,000yen/month (depends on your experience)
Benefit: transportation expense

Must have some experience teaching in Preschool or Kindergarten in Japan
Must attend the 3 days training in June 2017 (first week)
Must love children
Must be able to adapt a particular teaching method based on the training
Must be a team player
Japanese skills are plus

Please understand that only successful candidates will receive a contact from the HR department. You can get further information in the interview.

We will be able to sponsor your VISA upon request.

Thank you so much for your consideration and we are looking forward to seeing you.

WING Inc.,

Fri, 2017-05-19
Contact details: 
Please send your updated resume with your recent ID photo to
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