Intercultural Communication, Tsuda University, Tokyo (6/11)

The Department of English at Tsuda University is looking for applicants for a full-time (tenured) position in Intercultural Communication.

Job details: 

1. Title of position: Associate professor (junkyoju) or lecturer (sennin koshi)

Starting date: April 1, 2019

2. Courses to be taught: A successful candidate should be able to teach the following subjects, among others, in his/her areas of expertise:

 Case Studies in Intercultural Communication
 Cross-cultural Training
 Gender and Communication
 Ethnography of Communication

The successful candidate is also expected to teach such classes as Academic Writing II, Public Speaking, and Debate as well to fulfill the Department's practical English language training needs.

3. Application requirements:

A. Field of specialization: Intercultural Communication

B. Educational background, etc.:

(1) Ph.D. or an equivalent research record in the field of specialization
(2) Experience of university-level teaching
(3) Expertise or experience of teaching skill-based courses, consulting work
and/or conducting training workshops in intercultural communication
(4) Native or native-like proficiency in English
(5) A strong commitment to contribute with enthusiasm to the Intercultural
Communication Program in our department
(6) Regardless of nationality, applicants should have good enough
command of Japanese language to carry out work-related duties.

C. Publications: At least three books or articles in the field of specialization
(excluding theses and dissertations)

4. Application documents:

(1) Curriculum vitae in English
(2) List of publications and consulting work and/or training workshops
(3) Originals, offprints, or copies of three major publications. Provide
abstracts in English (around 500 words) for each publication.
(4) Examples of select materials developed for intercultural training
(5) Description of research plans (around 1000 words)
(6) Your views on active/experiential learning opportunities in intercultural communication for college students (around 1000 words)
(7) Copy of graduation certificate or diploma of the highest degree earned or
of transcript for this degree

5. Application Deadline: 11 June, 2018 (delivery deadline)

Selection procedure: After a review of the submitted documents, shortlisted applicants will be asked to provide two references. Interviews (combined with a demonstration class) will be conducted in July or August 2018 to select the final candidate. Applicants will be notified of the results after the final candidate has been selected.

(1) Please make sure to send your application by registered mail or another method with a tracking number.
(2) Requests for further information should be sent by email to the Search Committee (Intercultural Communication) at .
(3) In principle, application materials will not be returned.

Mon, 2018-06-11
Contact details: 
Applications should be sent to the following address: Search Committee (Intercultural Communication) c/o Department of English Tsuda University 2-1-1 Tsuda-machi, Kodaira-shi Tokyo 187-8577 JAPAN

観光と英語の教育職員(准教授・講師)、山口大学 (6/29)


Job details: 

1 募集人員:教育職員 准教授または講師1名

2 所属部署:山口大学経済学部

3 求める専門分野:

4 主たる業務:
(1) 経済学部および経済学研究科、共通教育が実施する科目の授業担当。
(2) 学生の引率を伴う「海外短期研修」の世話役・企画運営。
(3) その他、大学の管理運営に関すること。

5 任期:なし。


7 給与:山口大学職員給与決定規則により給与額を算定。



8 応募資格:

9 応募書類:


10 選考過程:
① 1次選考として上記書類による審査を行い,1次選考通過者には本学において面接(30分程度の模擬授業)をお願いすることになります(最終選考)。
② 採否については平成30年9月末までに通知する予定です。


13 備考:
① 提出書類等は原則として返却いたしません。なお,著書については,返却を希望する場合,その旨ご連絡ください。
② 追加で全ての業績(コピー可)及びその他必要な書類の提出を求めることがあります。
③ 応募,面接のために必要な費用(郵送料,旅費等)については応募者の
④ 山口大学は,男女共同参画を推進しており,「男女共同参画社会基本法」の趣旨に則り,業績(研究業績,教育業績,社会的貢献業績)及び人物の評価において同等と認められた場合は女性を採用します。また,本学では,子育てと仕事の両立支援を積極的に行っており,吉田キャンパス内での長期休暇中の学童保育の実施や,病児保育を利用した際の助成制度,研究補助員制度,メンター制度及び研究活動復帰支援制度などを整備しております。
⑤ 応募書類の個人情報につきましては,厳格に取り扱い,採用審査以外の目的に使用いたしません。

Fri, 2018-06-29
Contact details: 
〒753-8514 山口市吉田1677-1 山口大学経済学部総務企画係 (電話 083-933-5503) *応募書類の封筒等に「教員応募書類「観光コミュニケーション」在中」と明記のうえ,「書留」にて郵送してください。

Assistant, Associate or Full Professor of English (9/4)

Keio University invites applications from native-level English speakers for a tenured position in English in the Faculty of Business and Commerce to begin April 2019.

Job details: 

The successful applicant will be expected to teach a range of intellectually stimulating content-based English classes related to his or her research in the humanities, social sciences, or business-related fields. Teaching assignments may also include English classes for students with lower-intermediate and intermediate proficiency.
Requirements: Candidates are required to have a doctorate in the humanities, social sciences, or a business-related field, in hand at time of application. They should also have had at least one year of experience teaching English at a Japanese university or junior college prior to April 1, 2019. They must also have sufficient Japanese ability to perform academic and administrative duties.
Duties: teaching, research, advising, university committee work. Deadline: September 4, 2018.
Further particulars may be found in the full official announcement in Japanese: /recruit/
Inquiries should be sent in hard copy by post to the listed address.
No e-mail inquiries will be accepted. Please allow time for our reply since it will also be sent by post.
Application period: 2018/02/01 - 2018/09/04 (Deadline for receipt)

Tue, 2018-09-04
Contact details: (in Japanese)
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