Procedures for a First-Step Quantitative Study: Exploring Written Fluency

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Gregory Sholdt, Kobe University

Getting started in classroom-based quantitative research can be a bewildering and frustrating endeavor without clear direction. In this paper I describe procedures for a project for language teachers interested in learning more about quantitative research methods and gaining valuable practical experience. By following this guide, language teachers working alone or with a small collaborative team will be able to conduct a replication study in their own classrooms that investigates the influence of topic selection methods on written fluency in a free writing activity. After setting research goals appropriate for their instructional setting, teachers follow detailed steps to develop their research plan, execute the study, and complete the data analysis. The successful completion of the project can lead to a manuscript appropriate for smaller in-house publications such as university department journals. Reading recommendations are included to complement the practical activities and help teachers foster development of fundamental knowledge.